General Meehanite information – Meehanite metal is first melted to a definite degree of undercooling or constitution which is related to the section of the casting to be poured and the range of physical properties such as tensile strength and hardness required. Since the fully pearlitic structure of Meehanite is comparable to that obtained in spring and carbon tool steels, this engineering iron provides excellent resistance to abrasion and erosion with the added advantage of high dampening capacity which is effective in units subjected to dynamic loading. It permits higher machining feeds and speeds because of the uniformity and complete absence of hard spots, corners and edges. The user assumes all risk and liability in connection with the use of information contained in this and associated web sites. In addition the cast irons contain a considerable quantity of coarse flake graphite. The Steel Conference Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

Buildup can be successfully performed on this material with automatic and semiautomatic equipment. Sulphuric Acid on the Web TM. We have only one of our old-time foundrymen left, and he is going to retire in Many other patented casting processes were also established. These materials may contain free carbon as graphite or as carbides or both. It is readily machinable and threading results are excellent. Harry Kessler was a St. The alloying produces hardnesses of 65 to 70 Rockwell C.

Service performance during the past years has thoroughly justified and demonstrated the soundness of judgment in selecting this material.

This product basically is a form of heat-treated white iron.

My company, Kanawha Mfg. Tensile strength is given in minimum values, but G type metals can be produced to any specific minimum value either exactly corresponding to any specific type or to values that may fall exactly in between designated types. Property Data This page displays only the text of a material data sheet. It is readily machinable and threading results are excellent. A soft gray iron casting will expand due to the separation of large amounts of soft flake graphite, and then contracts during the liquid-solid metal transformation.


This series produced primarily for wear resistance having specific mechanical properties is broadly classified according to metallurgical structure which, in turn, determines the wear resistance. However, the malleable cast iron is treated to become ferritic rather than allowing the formation of cementite formed by rapid cooling.

Meehanite CR Corrosion Resisting Cast Iron

We still propertise the final grinding and machining. The flake graphite G types are subdivided according to the tensile strength. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. These materials may contain free carbon as graphite or as carbides or both.

It appears gray due to the graphite flakes that do not combine with the iron to form carbides, but combines with carbon.

This material is available as an alternative and superior material for all applications replacing ordinary grey cast iron. It is also resistant to galling, unlike some wrought iron.

Some of the workers were already past retirement age, but loved their jobs so much that they kept working. Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy.

Thus the well recognized stress-strain diagram is often considered. The above statements briefly discuss the main qualities of Meehanite which are especially important when considering a material to be used in the manufacture of grinding mills.

When a foundry advertises that it produces “Meehanite” it means that the foundry is licensed by Meehanite Metal Corporation to produce the family of Meehanite irons.

Is cast iron just cast iron?

Meehanite is the copyrighted trade name for a uniform, closely kron iron cast to rigid physical properties. Nodular cast iron often is referred to as ductile iron because of its higher ductility than other cast irons.


By L D Michaud T You May Also Like. Because of the uniformity of properties and assurance of manufacture according to engineering specifications, Meehanite metal has been selected for use in the construction of ball Mill heads, spur gears, bearings and other castings.

The Trademark name is owned by Meehanite Worldwide. Recommended for use for components subjected to concentrated sulphuric acid or oleum. Information provided by Meehanite Marketing Association. Had we used preheat and the proper welding material, we probably would have had no problem, but that wouldn’t have been a new experience! These categories relate to the end use of the casting and are further subdivided on the basis of metallurgical structure and property values. Louis foundry entrepreneur who owned a competing process Sorbomat company.

The alloying produces hardnesses of 65 to 70 Rockwell C.

Typical properties of the various type of Meehanite materials specifically used in sulphuric acid plants are given in the following table. Knowledge for the Sulphuric Acid Industry. The Meehanite process was developed in the late s and early s, by the Ross Meehan foundry in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Steel has a clearly defined yield strength of a little over 35, PSI where very considerable plastic deformation occurs without further load increments. It is sometimes referred to as graphitic carbon. We also made manway covers for several cities.

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