A must-see for architects. Now Showing Rentals Feed Notebook. I believe with is flaws this film is still ultimately worth a watch because i can almost guarantee it is unique compared to what you are used to and it shows a glimpse into the lives of two very interesting people. November 07, Sidewalls is a well made film with believable characters,where it struggles is keeping you interested the whole way through it’s hour and thirty five minute run time. Most important of all:

Modernity has made our homes so comfortable that being outside and interacting with other people now seem daunting. They liked each other and everything ends up happy, being a romantic movie. Mariana lives on the 8th floor but has a phobia about elevators. The biggest problem is that the characters don’t get together until the very end. So it was expanded here, and somehow it doesn’t seem stretched too long even though the idea is the same and the same lead actor was used, with a different lead actress. Add the first question. The script is charming and quirky, with a subtle wit to keep the movie up. The acting was not my favourite but that didn’t matter because the scenes were placed so well.

Mariana and Medisneras do an illegal window to have openness in their condos. This movie is filmed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, so the movie is in Spanish. As soon as the movie began, I was hooked. Some of the things fall flat Mariana having sex with a mannequin is one. Edit Details Official Sites: Yes No Report this.

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I down a Rivotril. Even though it was filmed in a different part of the world and in a different language, I believe many aspects of this story are easy to relate to for anyone who has fallen in love, believes in fate, or struggles with movle literal and figurative in their life.

For more reviews, please visit my film blog http: He blames architects because they have designed the outlines of his life. However, I thought “Sidewalls” was filmed very well; I personally really like it in movies when there is a voice over with shots that complement what is being said and this movie did that multiple times.


Directed by Gustavo Taretto. The actors had a fantastic, very down to earth way of expressing the multiple emotions throughout this film.

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I think it added a feeling of being connected, seeing that there are people out there from a different culture feeling and hurting and living just like me Now even though dialogue is primarily in Spanish, English songs are used emdianeras this also brought an even more familiar tone to the movie as a whole.

I thought it portrayed real life very accurately; real like is sometimes slow and a bit dull. There was a lot symbolic in act of braking a hole in a wall in one movie segment. Englieh 24, There is an artistic appeal but not necessarily a compelling watch.

A must-see for architects. A romance where the two characters have never met.

There is also some nudity and those scenes are for more responsible audience. While they often don’t notice each medianerss, separation might be the very thing that brings them together. One day they both feel like putting windows so they might get sunshine in their living spaces. Official site Official site [Japan]. I liked this movie because I found it was very unique and it wasn’t like anything I have ever seen.

The movie always had something happening and it was very well explained. Also I would like to mention the interesting narration over area shots of buenos Aries, which really help to underline the feeling of living in such a major city.

Modernity has made our homes so comfortable that being outside and interacting with other people now seem daunting. Medianera they often don’t meianeras each other, separation might be the very thing that brings them together.

A wonderful story by Argentine director Gustavo Taretto, who expanded his original short film of the same title. And a exit from that darkness is simple. Javier Drolas, who was seen in the original short story wnglish shows up as Martin.


The story itself is, in my opinion, only average and clearly not for commercial entertainment but it can really provide a big message. If you are an architect, you would like this movie, regarding the buildings and the things they say about them. Her long-term relationship fell apart and she’s isolated in her apartment looking for Eglish in the city.


Isaac Favorite 30 Drama Films. I really enjoyed this movie because I felt empathy towards both the main characters. Berlin International Film Festival Mariana lives on the 8th floor but has a phobia about elevators. Its maybe strange to title the comment on this way, but this beautiful movie made me exactly that impression.

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I did also have a couple complaints. Not of those artificial but those natural, God given, Sun light. Both characters are not necessarily happy with their lives in the beginning but over the course of the movie both protagonist grow on their problems movis make different pushes to not be stuck in the same boring and unsatisfying reality.

It’s an artsy romance movie but not one of fiery passion. SnoopyStyle 28 January eubtitles With the comforting mood of the movie, I felt as though I was there with them, living subritles peaceful and quiet existence, completely cut off from the busy and fast paced world surrounding me. And then it’s done, a fun and funny gem. Sidewalls A wonderful, heartwarming, smart and funny film.

It’s cute and thought provoking. I saw immediately mwdianeras this was quality. Ghent Film Festival I liked how they showed their two paths crossing throughout the movie before they actually met, like when they were both standing at the crosswalk and their hoods formed a heart, that was cool.

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