Mazandarani Tabari [4] Persian [4] Gilaki [5] [6]. Sari is the largest city and the capital of Mazandaran province. Last Sasanian rulers Karenvand dynasty s—11th-century Dabuyid dynasty — Bavand dynasty — Masmughans of Damavand — Paduspanids — Pinkerton as Travels in Persia, London, Retrieved 19 August Views Read Edit View history. Russian Imperial Academy of Sciences.

The summer coat had a similar density and hair length to that of the Bengal tiger, though its stripes were usually narrower, longer and closer set. Pahlavi dynasty Mazandaran Province. Today, Persia proper, Fars, Mazanderan on the Caspian Sea and many other lands of this empire are all full of Georgian and Circassian inhabitants. Before the arrival of the Iranian-speakers to Iran, native people of this area were subsistence hunters and cattle herders. He also noted the extremely large amount of Circassians and Georgians in the region, and that he had never encountered people with as much civility as the Mazandaranis. Tiger in Iran — historical distribution, extinction causes and feasibility of reintroduction. In the Persian Gulf Pro League , fifty mazandarani players in different teams attended.

Cat News Special issue The status of wildcat in Iran — a crossroad of subspecies? In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikispecies. During the reign of Fath-Ali Shah Qajarthe verdant region of Mazandaran was paid due attention as a recreational area.

No information is available for home ranges of Caspian tigers. Mazandaran is a Caspian province in the north of Iran. The vast Central Persian desert basin ecoregion forms its southern border. Mazandaran is served tigger the Mazadaran Railway Dept.

Mazandaran Province is one of the most densely populated provinces in Iran [9] and has diverse natural resources, mazandadan large reservoirs of oil and natural gas. Moderate Caspian weather with hot, humid summers, and mild, humid winters. Red and roe deer occurred in forests around the Black Sea to the western side and around the southern side of the Caspian Sea in a narrow belt of forest cover.


The Caspian tiger Panthera tigris tigris was a tiger population which lived from eastern TurkeyMesopotamiathe Caucasus around the Caspian Sea through Central Asia to northern Afghanistan and Xinjiang in western China. The stripes were narrower, fuller and more closely set than those of tigers from Manchuria.

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The Tiger of Mazandaran Views Read Edit View history. Zoology in the Middle East. The current province was simply considered a part of Tabaristan; the name Mazandaran is a later development, perhaps based upon local terminology. Two tigers in southwestern Tajikistan harbored 5—7 tapeworms Taenia bubesei in their small and large intestines. Wikispecies has information related to Panthera tigris virgata. Towns, villages and neighbourhoods in Mazandaran still bear the name “Gorji” i.

The Mammals and Birds of Iran. Species that were sympatric with the Caspian tiger include:.

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Caspian tiger and Caspian horse two animals that came from Mazandaran. There when he goes to pilgrim he finds the mother of his opponent Keivan praying for her son. Morphologicallytigers from different regions vary little, and gene flow between populations in those regions is considered to have been possible during the Pleistocene.

Views Read Edit View history. A short-lived Alid Shiite state collapsed before the subsequent take-over by the Ziyarid princes.

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In the Mazandarani language of Iran in mwzandaran Mazanderani calendar, the year is divided into 12 thirty-day months and one pentad of days, often beginning on March The province is one of the 5 wealthiest in Iran.


Statues of a man and a tiger, on the way to Mount AkhunNorth Caucasus The Caspian Hyrcanian mixed forests ecoregion, with its lush green mountainsides and plains that receive moisture from the Caspian Sea, forms this ecoregion’s northern border.

Most putative subspecies described mazandarzn the 19th and 20th centuries were distinguished on basis of fur length and coloration, striping patterns and body size, hence characteristics that vary widely within populations. The Tiger of Mazandaran 7.

The Paduspanids claimed descent from the Dabuyid of northern. Search for ” Babre mazandaran ” on Amazon. Tigrovaya Balka was apparently the last refuge of Caspian tigers in the Soviet Unionand is situated in the lower reaches of Vakhsh River between tigdr Piandj and Kofarnihon Rivers near the border of Afghanistan.

Results revealed a low amount of variability in the mitochondrial DNA in Caspian tigers; and that Caspian and Siberian tigers were remarkably similar, indicating that the Siberian tiger is the genetically closest living relative of the Caspian tiger. Sari is the largest city and mazandqran capital of Mazandaran province. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Riding a watercraft in Ramsar. Human habitation in the area dates back at least 75, years. In the early s, biologists from the Department of Environment searched several years for Caspian tigers in the uninhabited areas of Caspian forests, but did not find any evidence of their tigr.

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