Study of women’s texts in various cultures primarily of North America and Europe, including thematic and stylistic development within cultural context. Jayro Bustamante, Tabu, dir. Be prepared to challenge yourself aesthetically, thematically, and formally. This course is not repeatable. The structures of our dreams will present new possibilities for the structures of our poems. Each of them focus on an aspect of professional communication, but all of them will work within a guiding framework. Analysis, interpretation and discussion of texts in English or in translation from the long eighteenth century with an attention to literary history. This course will ask students to explore various iterations of captivity in American society through extensive examination of and interaction with a diverse collection of literature and film.

Our primary texts for discussion will be online journals and magazines. We will consider texts through a variety of genres essays, fiction, poetry, drama and themes gender and race, writing the body, sexuality, motherhood, fantasy and dream, humor and wit, the natural world, aging, and resistance and change. As a genre, open letters have been around for centuries. The design of your game will be based in part on contemporary game studies and critiques. How can we play with language and form in an innovative, challenging, and productive way? Likewise, they span diverse embodiments of sexual, racial, national, class-based, and familial experiences. This course in film studies and creative writing provides students an introduction to screenwriting. Introduction to rhetorical theories and analysis.

Questions we will ask include the following: This graduate seminar examines Chicana literary history and feminist discourse since the Chicano Movement ss. In this course, we will explore together the activities that go into being a creative writer, among them: Each student will kheif an annotated dream journal during the quarter, and will write original poems investigating links between the work of poetry and the khei of dream.

These are such dynamic years in the literature of what becomes the United States. An attempt will be remade in a few minutes. Notify me of new posts via email.

One of the purposes of this course, as a GUR that fulfills a global comparative multicultural requirement, is to help students develop a multicultural consciousness and see themselves as part of a community of others. As an active poetry community, we will revisit the stakes of poetry via seminar discussions, constructive feedback, and radical revision strategies. We will focus on the writing of narrative screenplays, both short and feature length.

This course will focus on a series of questions concerning the nature, function, and value of literature: There was an error retrieving images from Instagram. We’ll start wrestling with these assumptions by first finding some relatively stable footholds within rhetorical theory and practice, particularly the theories and practice that emerge from a relationship between ancient rhetoric e.


Throughout the quarter, we will return to certain questions: Plus a thematic focus or two!

Introduction to English sentence structure. Analysis primarily of North American and European texts with engagement in issues of multiculturalism and cultural diversity. It is a vital necessity of our existence.

Winter 2019: Course Descriptions

Through deep analysis of varied and excellent models, we will amass resources and practice techniques to produce creative work. The course is particularly useful for education majors and practicing teachers, providing them not only with tools of sentence analysis but ways to practically apply this knowledge in the writing classroom.

In addition to language, we will test our curiosity with genre, form, and content. Anyone with an interest in learning more about how language works!

In this advanced workshop in fiction writing, students will closely read and analyze books of short stories published in the last 12 months, engage in weekly writing exercises and imitations, and hone their storytelling skills through the epjsode of several fully revised stories. This course is the second of a two-quarter sequence that is designed to help you become a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and effective teacher of English language arts at the secondary level. We will read literary works by khsir and by men of various races, ethnicities, religions, and economic positions that explore vital issues of the day such as liberty, literacy, revolution, and science.

Other assignments for this Comm C course will include extensive informal writing in response to selected readings. Requirements include two polished short stories and numerous brief writing assignments. Do The seminar and survey time periods are not repeatable.

In addition, this course will also attend to the specifics of lesson and unit planning for the English language arts classroom. Emphasis on expressive, analytical, critical, and collaborative forms of writing as appropriate.

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Because writing looks and works differently in different contexts, this course teaches the rhetorical competencies that students need to write across multiple disciplines. Students will write short responses to the reading, shorter essays, and one twelve-page critical research paper that engages with current scholarship on an eighteenth-century text or texts assigned for class. Introduces students to the challenge of situating themselves in relation to a literary text and the critical conversation about that text, and crafting multi-draft critical essays with a focused, arguable thesis supported by thoughtful sequence of claims and carefully selected textual evidence.

Repeatable once with different topics. Should it be conceived of strictly as an object of analysis something to be interpreted and explainedor does the work of literature possess a distinct dynamic, critical, and constructive dimension of its own? We will consider how form and format picture books, graphic texts, chapter books, poetry serve to tell a story.


We will also explore issues of translation and the depiction of Biblical narratives in the history of painting, sculpture, poetry, and other arts.

This course wrestles with two competing assumptions: You will be expected to generate creative pieces for workshop, feedback letters, and a final portfolio of revised work. Thoughtful and energetic participation, attentiveness and curiosity, a willingness to take risks, and careful reading will be the primary requirements throughout the quarter.

This course will focus on genre-bending short stories, such as those that incorporate elements of genres such as sci-fi, fantasy, speculative, horror, and romance, those like flash fiction that blur the line between poetry and lheir, and those like YA that speak to different audiences. The texts for this course explore poetic traditions and contemporary developments. Senior writing seminar on the theories and practices of rhetorical genres.

Mostafa Shaaban’s Sexism; Enough is Enough! – What Women Want

Mazaag course explores several evolving and flexible notions including national cinemas, transnational media production, digital filmmaking, blockbuster culture, film festivals, spectatorship and fandom in the context of contemporary world cinema.

Working more or less chronologically, we will work together to understand and appreciate the how material, lived, and political conditions and political concerns have animated Xicanisma and shaped its literary expressions. A writing course designed to prepare students for college-level creative, critical, and reflective writing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Major restrictions are never lifted.

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Is it a statement about perception? In this course you will write both extensively and intensively, producing multiple drafts of papers, revisions, and finished essays. Empire and Globalization in the Long Nineteenth Century: We will face the gruesome accuracy of war writing.

The Lion and the Mouse J. Through in-class experiments and formal assignments we will read and write in familiar genres like poetry and fiction—identifying, working through, and honing a shared vocabulary of literary techniques—as well as in hybrid forms including lyric essays, prose poems, and epistolary texts. Emphasis on critical reading and writing in preparation for level courses in literary and cultural studies. It is a 5-credit writing proficiency course.

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