Don’t look anywhere else. The result is lon We are located in Lapeer, M It provides me relaxation, helps me go to sleep easier and I have less sore muscles. But the representatives I dealt with did great and the delivery experience was perfect. Thanks for the honest feedback – we appreciate it. We felt really good after we bought it. When time came, I finally called them and they got their guys out within two weeks because I had to wait for an electrician.

We went through the technical side of the tub. Other than that, their reps would do anything during the sale. This is now my second Master Spas tub and the installation process was seamless. I had the spa delivered and it was installed the same day. It seemed like it was right for me. I use the tub every night in the winter time. When I went into the showroom, I said I want a lot of space, like for a family of four.

When changing spa water, always rotate the soiled ones out with clea I had a no-name brand tub that a guy made in his warehouse and while I like that as well, I like my new Master tub a lot more.

I hooked up the segies, filled it up, and we are up and running in about three hours. I wish we had never made this purchase and gone with the truly local honest retailer. I’ve used hot tubs a lot and I think this is very good quality. If I were to buy a spa again, I’d spend a little more for something of higher quality and energy efficiency.

Master Spas

So, that way, the spa is not down for any length of time. We’re so happy to hear that, Jeffrey! But there could be more programs for the lights. There is one masteg I had with it, though. It was the only tub there at the show and at that time, I liked it and decided to commit to it.


Master Spas, Inc.

Other than that, their reps would do anything during the sale. They were out the next day and replaced it. But this one is good quality, if not, better installation quality. I know I’ve already given you the contact information for our corporate Customer Service department, but I will also be sending them your contact information that was included in this review. There was an exposition in our area and Master Spas had good salesmen there.

But when it came to their aftersales, their team needs to get schooled. So far, everything went well. I like the jets because I have problems with my back.

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There are a lot of things about the hot tub and Mark takes care of it. We had a challenging experience getting it up on a deck. If you buy a part from us and need help with the installation, just call us and we will walk you through it I was able to mater someone psas to my house, run the wire ahead of time and get it hooked up.

To see why, sign up below! But what we really loved was the really quiet recirculation pump. Thank you for your wonderful feedback!

Program, Cool, Jets 1, Jets 2. It can clean the water. So that’s been a really cool thing about it. I purchased a Clarity 7 hot tub from Master Spas. We went to a show and when the Master Spas reps figured out that we were really serious about getting their product, the manager came out and talked to us about it.

It was sight unseen because they didn’t have the actual spa zeries the location they’re at.

Master Spas expert review by Kate Williams, Ph. It has waterfalls and it’s cool. A young man that dealt with us was a straight shooter, and he knew all the answers.


We were hoping that it would also all work out fine in the future and so it did. We really appreciate your kind feedback – and we’re so thrilled to hear that you and your wife are enjoying your spa so much! They said that the hot tub sits seven but so far, I’ve had as many as three adults and two children in it.

We have an eight-man Master Spas with the waterfall and a spout.

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We went to the showroom and looked at the tubs, and it was the one we liked. We love our Master Spas hot tub. The installation had been simple too. This was not the case. Now, we pretty much use the hot tub every other day.

So, it was more than what we wanted to spend. It is a good product. The panels seemed to be cut short, so in the cold they’re shrinking and they popped out.

tailight We were also looking for a very small spa. We moved around a little bit, and every time we moved we just sold them with the house. She also said she could give me x amount off and when I asked her about the color, she said it happened to have a grey exterior with a light grey interior. And I’ve owned it since October 3rd and thus far, I think I made a very good decision. So, the Master Spas tub has really helped my husband and I.

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