Wolf Guy On the other side you got sexploitaiton Pinku films with heavy social commentary and tons of rape and nudity. He wanders the streets searching for F and encounters the man in black, who expresses his disappointment in Masuoka’s handling of her, speaking to him telepathically in the same voice as in the phone call. The rest of the film becomes a jumbled mess as the main character tries to rationalize, in his more and more irrational mind, the supernatural events that unfold. His face suits the role perfectly, it’s like he was born to play this character the same way R. But he is lost. His relationship with the strange girl “F”, and his attempts to establish communication with her become the focal point of the plot of “Marebito”, although like in other works by Konaka, reality is not always what it seems. The director’s effort on this film is unfocused and meandering; he even interlaces at points in the film, clumsily I might add, with discussions of philosophy and the supernatural in the hopes, I suppose, of lending the film some gravitas. He’s emotionally empty and alienated from other people.

Many big ideas are pitched like another dimension of freaky demons leaking over into ours. He briefly admits to himself that he murdered his wife and a stranger and treated his daughter like an animal, before seeing a pair of Deros and finding a cell phone that leads him back to his apartment to find F. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The girls is more animal than human and he kills to provide her blood rather than give her his own blood, which she wants. This was just a strange movie, but not in a cool way, like Forbidden Zone, or Uzumaki. Note that in the last act, when he gets a picture from her on his phone, it’s actually him in the photo not “F” this heavily implies that in that moment he has come to terms with who he really is, fact which is then strengthened once he arrives home and cuts his lip, giving himself in to “F” or his darker side.

He drains their blood into bottles and feeds it to F.

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Review Without a doubt this has to be one of the worst movies Maebito have seen in a long time. He becomes a homeless person, wanders around, sees two deros, and finds a cell phone that’s ringing. At least that’s how I do it.

He brings F to his place and he has difficulties to feed her, until he discovers that she drinks blood. I always ignore the ratings!! Flm The most obvious and important thing to keep in mind while watching Marebito is that the audience experiences everything from the main character’s point of view. This shows what a master filmmaker can do in such a short time. Is this guy, who so far has not been established as actually having a job, going to have enough money to have all this electronic equipment which is all going at once and he’s supposed to be watching all the different images, apparently.


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F is awake now, and she gives him a peaceful smile that’s the opposite of his look of terror. In doing so, he’s trying to save his own soul. Later Masuoka talks about having killed his wife and daughter. He doesn’t literally kill anyone.

This is one massively disappointing movie. He runs into neaning guy from the mall.

The first time I saw it I was totally thrown for a loop and obsessed about the movie. He spends all his time looking for the “unknown,” the thing that’s missing. I thought it was supposed to be a horror movie, but it is more like a sterile view of something that could be fillm just because of the subject matter, but doesn’t come off that way. At the same time, Shimizu doesn’t ever completely abandon the more fantastical material, and to the end, he leaves the film fairly open to a number of alternate interpretations.

He’s brought her back to his apartment which raises just a few minor questions. They’re devouring each other to become one. Right now I’ve filj around J-Horrors and I got like 80 more. The lead character, Masuoka, is meaniing bored with his life that expresses envy at the terror experienced by Kuroki.

If you’re a fan of Shimizu’s work, you’ll notice his fingerprints all over this. Overall, I’m not a fan of slasher movies but meaninng I’m eclectic. In addition, the story has a strong mythological resonance – in particular the descent into the underworld sequence brings to mind Orpheus, Innanna, and countless other stories. But the ‘horror’ aspects of this film completely ruin it.

A union of opposites. All I can say is that a creepy voyeur cameraman sees a guy commit suicide by stabbing himself, and wonders what he had seen that made him so meqning. Also, nearly all of the movie is done through voice over, which seems more than lazy. A union of opposites.

Meanlng a very disturbing, somewhat graphic death early in the film, which Masuoka quickly responds to obsessively, and at the same time, we explore voyeurism in other ways, one that’s met with the appearance of an eerie, ghostly figure in a neighboring jeaning building.


He lets her take some of his blood. He realizes he’s in the netherworld, or in the hollow of the earth. Now there’s a new solution for someone having seizures; give them milk.

Meanong think they are both Indonesian. A lot of Korean horror makes movies the “classic” way which is before the apparition of the slasher and the jumpscare fest in the west. What little background music there is however is highly effective at enhancing the marebigo mood of eerie loneliness present in the film.

The use of digital video, cut with even grainier digital video makes for a creepy look, and the sound work is a constant video hum which increases the paranoia and overall strange feeling. Reading the above, it might sound like the film should be a mess.

The Horror Geek Speaks: Marebito

Both plausible interpretations given the many layers the film operates on. He worked on this project in between Ju-On: This is, quite simply, one weird little film. After being attacked by a passerby, angered by what he believed to be an unwanted intrusion of his privacy, he returns to his apartment wounded. Well, it sure is. I figured he decided to kill his daughter and himself. Masouka takes her back to his apartment and christens her as “F”. Many have griped about the Digital Film approach, which, as most cinephiles know, leads to a harsh lighting scheme and stark contrasts- none of the lushness of film- and jerky movement feel.

It was probably my first real experience with a mind fuck kind of movie I was 15 or 16 at the time, and this combined with Saw probably marked the beginning of my real descent into horror movie fandom ; and like you said, there are a lot of things open to interpretation.

Masuoka is looking for the reason why the man looks so terrified and wants to discover if the man was stricken with fear because of something he sees or if in his state of horror he was finally able to view something people would not be able to experience in a normal frame of mind. However, instead of using each of these elements to their full extent, they are all abandoned in favor of showing ‘F’ sucking lots of blood.

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