To phir science kay samandur say guzar kar aana paray ga bhai jaan Just keep working, with concentration, with determination, knot after knot He is a sufi! Amjad February 21, Nov 14, Sunny rated it really liked it. However anyone looking for a way to become Sufi ,Spiritual, Faqeer or a true person. Maheen Zahra February 25, Murshid ki tabiyat kharab hai

A story of a sojourner, a traveler , an explorer on the path of spirituality. And this search light won’t be figured out if you dont konw the science, widout knowing about physics , you won’t understand the meta-physics Aap to London ja rahe thay aaj? Ap tukroun mai takseem honay se bach jatay hain aur Dichotomy se nikal jatay hain. Ahmed, in his later years of life, was greatly inclined towards Sufism. He says that Physics Ashfaq Ahmed’s ‘Manchale ka sauda’ is a novel on sufism.

Manchale Ka Sauda Part 1 of 3 – PTV Drama Series – video dailymotion

The transformation of main character Irshad from a business tycoon to selfless sufi is covered convincingly. When you go through such literature at your early age, you find it like some boring sermon, but the discussions in this drama really touch your soul, when you are able to make some sense and relate to it with your own life. Its a pity that nobody has ever thought of translating this into English, wish i could do that myself, but my Urdu is not up to the mark.

As far as dramatisation of the script is concerned, in my view Rashid Dar did complete justice to this difficult project. Also the hypocrisy of our society is discussed as how people from different schools of A tale of a person’s spiritual transformation.


Manchalay Ka Sauda Ep 1/13 (By Ashfaq Ahmed) []

A tale of a person’s spiritual transformation. Do you think such writing, such creativity is lost in the television industry of Pakistan today? He also earned a special training diploma in radio drxma from New York University. Amjad February 21, He is a sufi!

He authored several books in Urdu. Nov 14, Sunny rated it really liked it.

He was awarded President’s Pride of Performance and Sitara-i-Imtiaz for meritorious services in the field of literature and manchaay. This book revolves around an ordinary man who chooses the path of Fhll over all the worldly affairs and luxuries, On this journey, he meets several men who allowed him to know the actual meaning of mysticism and the difference between the worldly knowledge and spiritual teachings roohani taleem through various examples and happenings.

He used to appear in a get together with his fans in PTV program Baittakh The Guest Room and Zaviya The Dimension where he gave swift but satisfying responses to each and every question posed by the youth audience. Like Us On Facebook.

Also the hypocrisy of our society is discussed as how people from different schools of thought criticize others for just the difference of opinion. Well, this is a simple manifestation of a genius writer gracing his aesthetics in a simple scene. On 7 SeptemberAshfaq Ahmed died of pancreatic cancer. Dont forget to read the book name Muraqaba u can order online in english from www.


Express your opinions, share your thoughts, post your writings and connect with like minded people through the power of expression. Feb 13, Muhammad Waqas rated it it was amazing.

His close association with Qudrat Ullah Shahab and Mumtaz Mufti was also attributed to this tendency. A good book that lasts a deep impression. And then it goes on…you are likely to get all answers you are seeking out since long. Dont see the outcome Man Chalay Ka Sauda was a masterpiece by Ashfaq Ahmed and I bet nobody had an idea before that this particular scene contained a brief dash of Quantum Physics wauda Whereafter, he went to Rome to join Radio Rome as an Urdu newscaster.

Ashfaq Ahmed discussed the pre-requisites to get the journey started on the path of Sufism or Tasawuf. Intersted to be Sufi? Login to find out March 1, at The quraan says about it ” kay aap sab say alag mancalay kar Allah ki nishaniyon mein ghaur-o-fikr, aur tafakkur kiya kartay thay” Quotes from Mann Chalay Ka Sa Dec 28, Muhammad Afzal rated it it was amazing. In his opinion, the journey of the sufi and the scientist, are exactly the same. Login to find out February 14, at 9: An unforgettable spiritual journey!

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