Walt was the first kind and Vic understood that. They are both happy. It could be because the books are so amazing, but I think it is more than that. I guess the writers wanted to go out the a bang! Those are the traits that attract Vic, who is opposite- impulsive, sexually unrestrained, and young. I think they let whomever was in the copy room write the last season. When Walt urged Cady to run for sheriff, he says that Vic will help her learn about the law enforcement part of the job—this is why I assume Vic stayed on as deputy.

That guy was awesome. It also showed just how racist non-whites can be….. At first, she had a profitable arrangement selling them deer and elk—until Malachi compared the bullets that killed his men to a slug he found in an elk, which proved she saved Henry Standing Bear Lou Diamond Phillips. So, I was predisposed to like Longmire from the get-go. I get the feeling from watching the last episode that there was not enough time for them to find that vibe in the scene leading up to the love scene, nor the front porch scene the next morning. Is it all men, or is there actually a town full of women somewhere in the story? Sick Child — The Indian Child Welfare Act provides for access to petition the court on behalf of any child in need of care. I just wish Vic had hooked up with Travis.

Jen, I Completely agree with your interpretation of their relationship and how the final season played out. That cheapened the ending and the sacrifice these officers have made throughout the story. I was a cinematographer and camera operator on many feature films and TV series you have all seen.


The Writer’s Box: A perfect end for ‘Longmire’

It also showed just how racist non-whites can be…. Nighthorse played exquisitely by A.

Firstly, women law enforcement officers are usually no different than other women in their personal relationships. Everything may have seemed too neat but I enjoyed it all. However, one can not always judge meanings by what appears obvious on the surface.

For those who tap fingers against fnale, this is a show you must watch.

I agree with you. I have to think that the parents, in some part of their heart,have been grateful to have the decision taken away from them when their child is facing death but that may just be wishful thinking on my part. Walt, a fatherly figure, cares for her as a daughter.

‘Longmire’ Spoilers: What Happened In The Season 4 Finale? Recap Before Season 5 Premiere

If he went to prison, for what exactly and for how long? He should have stayed away from her, if nothing else out of respect. However, are they a couple? Thank you for persevering with your reviews all the way to the end. I would have rather had a happy ending for Nighthorse than the fake, implausible coupling of Walt and Vic at the end.

I hope in the near future you will continue with Longmire Series.

Review: Longmire Season 6, The Final Season

But synopsks series was more real than the vast majority of television police shows in a aeason of ways. How bout that Beverly? I discovered when I wrote this post about the age difference between Walt and Vic that many fans of the books felt they should be together in the TV series as they were in the books.


Also, I didnt get the point of Cady sweat premonition, that was never explained unless I missed something.

Visit her online at www. Glad to hear your thoughts on this, Skater Girl. Bad timing in relationships I get. This Marlboro Man no longer has to be alone in our day, as he has his lonngmire cell phone on his hip.

The graphic scene did surprise me. But remember, Walt does not know that Cady and Zach have been seeing each other, or he may have had other ideas. The best TV series for me in a long time, hate that it got canceled, and did not like the way they did the last season, seem like they crammed everything they could into every episode and the last episode was horrid, what would never fall for Vic, she was bat poop nuts.

The writing and acting is spot-on. I agree that the Walt and Vic coupling was a bit too unrealistic and too graphic.

It developed over years and Walt fnale feel the same way, just not as obvious and tried to deny them. We are all a part of a larger, living, breathing world. Vic… and maybe Ruby. I enjoyed seeing Sackoff reveal emotional depth, although I thought the miscarriage was overplayed.

My husband is from northwestern Wyoming, and he is a major fan of the series. So sad to see this show end.

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