What he came to mean not only to Nam-soon but the other classmates as well; the guys is awesome. If they were to date, it would had probably been way later on maybe after graduation, just before they enter college. The second part of the drama that I regretted the most is when his chair remain empty at the end. His friends, too, especially Ji Hoon. Se-chan laugh-cries in response, sort of quietly devastated. And the gender imbalance that so many comments point out. Gil Eun Hye Supporting Cast. Oh Heung Soo, wherefore art thou, Heung-Soo?

This would be perfect,but only if we didn’t have to wait until for it to happen. I love that quote as well. I know it sounds superficial, said that way, but I have a feeling that it might be part of the reason. Why is it a waste of time to help Eun Hye become a better person but it’s not a waste of time to help Jung Ho? I like that the friendship theme played the central role in this drama. They are just evil little snots with no redeeming value. I do disagree about your read of the Eunhye as one of those intelligent women with ambition and Hakyung as having been undermined. And for it to work well, every one has a role to play must be at least competent.

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Hye-sun tells her to tell her how she feels in words next time. It takes the wind right out of her sails.

Everything you said is correct and I don’t disagree. He leaves In-jae in charge of his class.

I would take it any time of the day, but I’m really happy with this ending. After finished watching the final episode, it didn’t dawn onto me episide that’s the end of School until it showed preview of School special where the cast cried and hugged each other. In-jae and Se-chan chose to get back up and keep fighting the good fight.

And for it to work well, every one has a role to play must be at least competent. I think my main problem with the balance in this show was that the writer spent ALL of the drama reforming all the douchebag male bullies but not any of the douchebag female bullies were redeemed.


Because I’m not familiar with the intricacies of Korean school administration, I don’t even lajem if it rang true or not, but it did wrong. Jang Nara Main Cast. He’s my favourite character too, and pretty much for what you said. So now all the female bullies are just heartless bitches and all the male bullies are misunderstood kids with hearts of gold.

School Episode 16 (Final) ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

When I think that through, I’m amazed at how many dramas turn out to be watchable. I’m left feeling bittersweet, but more important, I’m also 213 feeling satisfied.

What she says is slanderous, harsh, and cutting, but that doesn’t mean the boys can coerce her into an apology by asserting their “manly” physical power. Women are complete human beings too! Or maybe she just showed the softness that always was there underneath. But there was that lovely scene with Teacher Jo where he talks of holding out your hand while you have these students in your keeping, but not feeling that you are a success or a failure based on how those kids do.

Episode 17: Special

Tho sometimes I get heated and I’m working on that. While I wished for Jung – Oh to get private lessons from the teachers at least, I also don’t see the ending as failure. I still love the boys to pieces and I still hate the mean-girls with a burning passion, but I can’t deny that Jihoon and Yikyung were very wrong to use physical violence. The father came during class time, interrupted my teaching, said she apologized why am I making a case out of it.

Let me hold you and dry your tears. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip.

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I’m glad Ha-Kyung’s struggle wasn’t resolved, but that she was still able to carve out a piece of her life for herself – like playing hooky to thwart her mom. But most of the viewers are female, thus the writers assumed they wanted to see more of the boys.


And I really, really like that the teachers aren’t just waving a magic wand and making everything ok, but that things do change, even for them as individuals. Look at the slick move of Hye-seon’s in helping Nari. He finally gives up and settles in to join them, next to Heung-soo of course. Despite the optimistic overtones of the last scene, I feel weighed down by the ending, by the depressing realization that, well, a person can only change so much before reality comes charging in and demands to be faced.

Yes, I am aware that they are fictional. What it does, though, is turn the story back around to a different message, one that is ultimately more uplifting, I think, even if it ends with a bit of a heart-breaker for Jung-ho himself.

I am not saying that all girls are violent or vicious.

It was like the writer didn’t know how to end it. Thank you for the recap and the commentaries, JB and GF! Anyway, thank you for the wonderful recaps. Kim Hae Rim Supporting Cast. Verbal assaults are still as destructive as physical ones. I’m happy to be assured that these kids will be alright with their friends by their side. I don’t think dramabeans will post on the special tmr? She’s a good student, privileged, and can function perfectly well in society even though she has the conscience of a psychopath.

There’s a shop where all the kids hang out, and the 3 musketeer proprietors dispense advice, tough love, and the occasional free meal.

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