Karima is still wearing manly clothes and her father shouts at her saying that 27 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Karima is depicted as a character who defies the conventional values of how men and women treat each other and acts as a guardian of gender equity in her home as well as outside. She is portrayed as a character that does not shy away from expressing her opinions and demanding her rights in the public sphere even in a community where such a behavior is frowned upon. The scene shows how mentalities are difficult to change in rural areas where women have internalized their subordination to men and their roles as housewives and nurturers. Moments later, their sister Rhimou asked them to put an end to it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors. The Hajj, an important man in his village, is portrayed as the typical rural man. After Younes left, Anis walks to Dr.

She wonders aloud and asks Rhimou whether it was a contraband or under warranty. Karima eloquently responds by saying that she is not addressing her father now, because her father is at home. At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. To fight this, the minister urged political parties to choose female representatives in television programs. Bahia in the Father’s Room Episode 1, Anis, played by Oussama Bestaoui, is the new village doctor who represents an educated urban man who is forced to move from a big hospital in order to occupy a position as the new doctor of Dar el Ghezlane. He starts flirting with her in a secluded place and she fears that someone might find them.

They, then, resume their episore and leave the ceremony. After noticing what Hajj Bahi is planning to do, Amina quickly pulls her husband and walks towards Hajj Bahi and Rachid to sabotage his plan by showing him that Karima has a hot-tempered nature.

Hanae smiles episoxe and the camera moves to a toothless elderly man who was lying on the bed and overheard their conversation which made him laugh pleasantly. She wonders aloud and asks Rhimou whether it was a contraband or under warranty. Karima sarcastically pretends to be excited and says that she should be pretty to meet the eligible bachelor. The series begins with the death of their father, an event to which Mennana reacted with a surprising composure and asked her daughters not to shed a single tear before the sun rises.

In this scene we notice a shift from the urban area to a rural one. Images of Women in Dar el Ghezlane 13 Conclusion One stereotype that is strongly reinforced in this scene is that of women being always curious in their quest to discover hidden things and unveil family secrets even though it has only been a day since the death of the owner of those objects, namely the father.


Anis Episode 1, Hajj blames Hssina, a servant, for not keeping an eye on Karima like he was told.

Bnat Lalla Mennana- épisodes 28 & 29 part 1-2

Indeed, Rachid falls into the trap of this idealized housewife and declares that he prefers rural women to Spanish ones just because they are good housewives and excellent cooks.

In this eisode, the common conception of women being gossipers and complaining about everything is vividly reinforced. This gives the impression that women are living under emotional oppression and consequently are in a sense waiting for the moment in which they would be liberated to experience their romantic escapades freely which is an inaccurate representation of the women because they do not all live under the same circumstances.

After a few moments, her face quickly changed and she took a look around and asked the closest woman near her if they had served them food or not.

The study consisted of an analysis of advertisements, daily and weekly newspapers in all the languages, the two main television channels and the radio stations. After confirming her identity, he tells Younes that her hair does not look natural and that she is probably wearing contact lenses.

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Aicha pretends that one of the guests complained of hunger and thirst and that she was just came to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. She also opens a box in which he kept his Tasbih beads, favorite cassettes, smoking pipe and photo album. Despite harboring deep affection for her late father, his absence now means that the authority of the father is gone and an example of that is the coming of her secret lover, Imad, which would not have been possible if her father was still alive.

It was chosen in order to shed light on how the conservative mentality regards women and it serves as a unique example of a series that features a feminist figure who originates from a rural area which is worth considering and putting under the microscope. This is uncannily 23 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. Hanae smilingly grabs the note and watches Anis leaving with admiring looks on her face.

Shortly after that, Karima comes and feigns illness, she asks Rachid to help her sit. During the funeral, as the guests are mourning the dead man, two of the daughters, Bahia and Chama played by Noura Skalli and Samya Akeryou, argue in whispers as the first one blamed the second for not painting eoisode windows properly.


Hanae is a nice person and a competent heart surgeon. Not only is her competency as a doctor is overlooked, she is harassed at the work place by a colleague of her and the interesting thing is that she is shown as being impressed by that and even enjoying it.

In addition to that, the male doctor was shown as having the upper hand by having her agree to escort him to a date despite the fact that they have only known each other for a few minutes, this further confirms the idea that women are easily manipulated by men and this scene in fact reinforces this and portrays sexual harassment as something normalized in the work place and that women are fine with it. Youssef sarcastically lapa that Karima is not like other women.

Sfiya Episode 1, Another woman interrupts by saying that if men without women are useless then the opposite is true as well. Analysis of the Images of Women 1.

She is portrayed as a character that does not shy away from expressing her opinions and demanding her rights in the public sphere even in a community where such a behavior is frowned upon. The way he leered at her showed a clear sexual interest or otherwise deep affection.

She then starts sneering at Hajj Bahi and mocking at the fact that he gathered all these people just to welcome a doctor. Rhimou asked Bahia what she was doing in there; the latter replied that she was resting. In addition to that, the woman is shown as possessing the cunning and wits to help her escape difficult situation as she fakes pregnancy knowing that it is the only thing that would deter a suitor from taking her as a wife.

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Other services include IPTV which is offered by Maroc Telecom and a new service, digital terrestrial television which has recently began to be spread on the national level.

After Younes left, Anis walks to Dr. Log In Sign Up. Amina ironically remarks that Karima is neither like rural girls nor Spanish ones. Hanae and introduces himself. He apologizes to her for being disrespectful and worrying about his shoe when she epksode just 19 Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www.

Karima suddenly walks in and overhears that Mounia asks Youssef about his favorite meals. Click here to sign up.

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