Edit Storyline Three generations living in one house. Abhishek episodes, Ritu Chaudhry Best Continuing TV Show [21]. The producers have a time machine which they use to take 20 year leaps whenever the show becomes boring, monotonous actually its always boring and monotonous. Govardhan Virani episodes, Daksha and Gaytri help her with this plan. Thulasi March 28 ’12 Zee Tamil 7 years ago.

Edit Did You Know? Thulasi March 28 ’12 Zee Tamil 7 years ago. The place where several love stories blossomed and where scores of Viranis got married on the sly, the family temple was kept pretty busy over these eight years. Ishqbaaaz TV Series Pragya Govardhan Virani Naveen Sanghvi episodes, Karishma Virani Dey episodes, Eva Grover

Himmat Virani episodes, Hussain Bollywood’s Hollywood script Entertainment. Mihir Mansukh Virani episodes, Jitendra Trehan All Shows of Star Plus. Gautam wpisode about his birth parents, moves into the Virani mansion and squabbles with Sahil about business. Savita, Daksha and Gaytri always try to create trouble.

Karan Mihir Virani episodes, Sudha Shivpuri Kumkum marries Jatin, the grandson of the Wadhwa family.

Kyunki ends

Many a Kyunki love story owes its roots to it. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. TVCASTwe organise cast lists into Main and Recurring sections, so we have a good idea of who the main and significant recurring cast members were. Baavri Virani episodes, Priyanka Raina Thulasi April 06 ’12 Zee Tamil 6 years ago.


I was so relived when this show was called off. School children, house wives, college studs, gals and husbands after tiring office work returning home and all had the same optimism to watch a show with so much of love and interest and wait excitedly for the next episode.

Thulasi April 27 ’12 Zee Tamil 6 years ago. Aditya Gujaral conspires with Ansh to acquire the Viranis’ wealth. The basic concept of the show is that mother-in-law was once a daughter-in-law.

Best Television Personality [22]. October Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Vishal Pratap Mehra episodes, The list of writers and directors in the infobox is sqas bulky. Worried about Kumkum’s future, the family decides to get her married again. Sign in to vote. Best Actor Popular [32].

TV Series votes. Tulsi’s sister, Kesar, tells Tulsi that Harsh is Kesar’s son. These have often come to the aid of the accident-prone Viranis.

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The entire series is available on Hotstar. Kesar gave Tulsi Harsh, saying that she had a miscarriage. No momentous event in Shantiniketan has ever been without the thepla being an important part of the proceedings.


Film productions Kyo Kii Meera’s misunderstandings epusodes cleared up and Tulsi is reunited with her family; Meera is imprisoned for murdering Savita.

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Every bedroom in the Virani household was about being perfectly colour-coordinated. The three bahu’s have grown up sons. Indira ‘Indu’ Gandhi episodes, Ekta Kapoor Shobha Kapoor. Aniket episodes, Rohit Bakshi Best Actor in dpisodes Supporting Role Critics [26].

Best Actor in a Supporting Role [25]. Ishqbaaaz TV Series Nakul Virani episodes, Atal behari vajpayee counts it as his favourite show till date. Although Nandini and Karan are in love, Karan gives her to Tulsi’s birth son. Jamnadas ‘JD’ Virani episodes,

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