Abhi says you hide your boyfriend? Ya chithu u r right. Sima 18th Aug – 9: Welcome, Login to your account. Tai ji says she is fine. Abhi says he did not find her.

Bulbul asks where were you? I hope that we can see some good things between pragya and abhi. Xcited fr the upcumng episodes. He says I like you new avatar, and compliments her beauty. Let it be so. If the family members including abhi really loved pragya, they would have understand that there should be some valid reason behind pragya behaving like this. He says they will not separate in this life.

I hope that all this will happens just like you said.

And when this pregnancy chapter started but till now not ended but going in another way. Sarla kumoum Janaki to serve food for 4 people as she will also call Purab.

Heyyy ssss aftr long tim I missed u alot aaah. Bulbul hugs her also emotionally. Some of u r saying that may b nikhil or arjun and purvi helped her.

Doc asks him to follow him. And chithu if bulbul will also support her DI, it means, it will b a too much fun.? Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Elmo 20th Aug – Tat much he loves pragya. High heels sandles with flat sole. I thnk bulbul n purab r behind pragya n helping hr.

Tanu gets busy in game.

Kumkum Bhagya 21st August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

I think raj may be helping pragya to expose aliya plan,without property tanu will not marry abhi,so both will reveal their true identity. Abhi also follows her to the room in anger.


The twist KKB has taken is really a gd one. He asks her not to do anything until he asks her.

Aaliya asks what you want to see? Now god knows how we will tolerate this track like this.?? I hope after a lot of negative comments n disappointed kummum d writers include some nice twists n sweet abhigya moments. Abhi reminisces Pragya praying god and he trying to stop her.

She is also an evil adulterer. He says her husband. Aaliya asks why you are saying this, Bhai will use his money the way he likes. She says we did a mistake by loving and trusting you. She asks him to reply. But will not like befores.

I think Writter elisode make pragya situation is more hard and difficult… in future also she can face more prblm before releving taliya …. Beeji says she will not tell them any fresh news in future. A password will be e-mailed to you. So really hoping for the episodes to move in a positive direction. Suppose intha Nikhil pragya vuku help pana mataenu sollita enna panrathu??? Story is getting good. Abhi says I am happy so I will forgive you, no complaints.

Abhi itself will throw tanu out of the house if he knows truth.


Gangaa 14th August 2015 Written Episode Update

Sarla gets tensed and asks her to call Abhi. Kirthy 17th Aug – So what are they talking about??? I want yo say even I m too but I m happy with this akgust attitude of pragya also.

She says this house is mine and I will decide who will stay here.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th February Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Everyone looks on shocked. So she has been decided to think only about herself from now. Chithu 18th Aug – 3: You are too greedy.

Abhi looks on surprisingly. Really sometimes this serial irritating. She 16hh we will file case against her, will gather your fans, media and inform about her doings. Pragya sees him and thinking him a thief becoz she sees him from 61th back. Beeji asks her to inform first when baby is born. U guys r saying that pragya is faking on property papers but how could she show fake property papers. Taninza 16th Feb – Mitali taunts her and says why did you loot our house.

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