Let it be then Domain name update smotret-anime. Russian hip-hop Show Sessions documentary spark Won’t react on setAttribute yet, though. Now I don’t even need to return false in nullTools. Metrika support in fake Ya object. Let it return false for now. Context in the new implementation.

On this page you can choose a movie to watch, decide on a movie theater and a session, and immediately buy a ticket. Completely new implementation of autoplay prevention for lenta. Have to pretend it’s there. Modified script to hide ads there instead of complete removal. They kind of went past the point I can reliably hide parts of the page until cleaner finishes the job, so ads will blink during the page load. This time with support for a new theme.

Now should remove empty sections at the bottom on the https: No need to add hundreds of event handlers. Cinema Star Maryina Grove. Rambller you will be interested? Also, removed 1 global variable plug since it isn’t really needed.

Certificate Al number FS from Fixed for set trap on drive2. Made typo in ‘yandex’ domain name. Kinozl code to target it at the new place. Cinema Star in Leninsky. Updated WebSuckit to the latest version. Added code for echo. It wasn’t able to remove multiple elements alongside with their siblings and removed siblings only for the last element because ‘siblings’ variable was initiated outside of the loop. Forgot to remove debug return. Rybinsk Kemerovo and the region: KARO 4 at Sheremetyevo.


Forgot to replace callback function with a wrapper in removeEventListener call of a Worker wrapper.

Let’s see how well it’ll work for now. Fixed missing inIFrame variable in script for Rambler domains for Firefox. Hope I won’t break anything important. Also added workaround for https: Should cover most calls to it. Completely new implementation of autoplay prevention for lenta.

National Film Portal – all about cinema

Embedding one into another is not supported and not needed. Enforced some rules with ESLint in Tampermonkey and set one single format for curly brackets. Only children will be removed.

Since my code is not supposed to run there anywhere it will just exist ASAP. Direct in Yandex video and new script for ads in search. Direct in images kimozal. It wasn’t available in the page context and this caused problems. Might now work properly on other subdomains. Somehow it still works.

Postponed banner parent hide event to let page generate it first.

Modified script to hide ads there instead ur complete removal. Could be useful on hdgo and other domains. Won’t react on setAttribute yet, though.


Additional imprevements for checks in frameRewrite function. Now its triggered by beforeunload event. Forgot to remove in the previous commit. Novokuznetsk Tver Blagoveshchensk Tomsk region: Schedule We present to your attention the full list of films that are going on today in the cinemas of your city.

Useful Links

Now they added mandatory setup function into their smokescreen. Not sure if it does what it’s supposed to, but at least i doesn’t fail to run there. Added optional logging mode into gardener and scissors scripts. May or may not fix the issue with some kkinozal their videos. Strange, I don’t see it at all.

RU AdList JS Fixes – Version history

Due to recent change in my code redirection were broken and as the result these scattered layers were left in place. Forgot to check for errors. Implemented alpha version kinozzl Yandex mail ads removal code. Looks like Reek’s script adds the same value to a window, but as read-only property.

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