I am saddened that Togame is dead, but her final dialogue with Shichika was interesting. This week Fujioka drops some wisdom, the team learns their sections and Yuki gets some time with Kurahara. Add – More Tenshi Kinryouku. The lines “I felt the maybe I could even change myself by looking at you. I think he understands she was just part of the system as well and that Togame actually had fun battling against her. But now the tone of the episode changes. Add – More Hamelin no Violin Hiki. He also has that sash-like thing in his waist, with the same pattern but different colors.

Madoka Magica remains a wonderful show to watch. I think he purposefully left the ending up to interpretation to see what would people think. Add – More Grenadier: Emonzaemon apologizes for dying. This is an amazing choice by the writers of Katanagatari and it really helps to make the episode as good as it is. Add – More Haikyuu!! Anonymous It felt like a new version of inspector Gadget could be do like this. Shichika is there to die?

Add – More Tegamibachi. From what Princess Hitei said about bringing peace to the country I guess this Shogun is the parallel of Oda Nobunaga? I think it works with the pirate because he was motivated by an obsession with his sister, and his inability to get over her despite finding a new legacy among the pirates led to him never being happy. I cried 3 times I think and I can’t stop thinking about the episode, I am doing great thank you very much!

Add – More Mamotte! Add – More Tytania. Add – More Vampire Knight: I had fun doing them and enjoyed trying to figure out what the overarching katsnagatari of each episode was.

Oh, Shichika has a scar in the katanagatqri of a cross like Togame’s right eye and placed over his right eye too! I would happily have watched two more episodes of this arc in dororo. It’s left pretty dubious. And he also killed him the same amount of times he would’ve died against Nanami that time too! We see quite early that this was her motivation, but what I didn’t think about at the time is that this also included the destruction of Kyotoryu.


Togame’s reflection is shown with a snake coiled around her body signifying the restraint she has around herself because of her past.

Add – More Majo no Takkyuubin. Add – More Elfen Lied. Rascal does not dream of Bunny Girl Or by its japanese title above is a series not about rascals or bunny girls but instead about kztanagatari common high […]. Perhaps I’m out of the loop, but I haven’t felt that show has been as mentioned as many other shows since. She’s really interesting and there’s a lot behind her that could have some nice fleshing out also her voice is really nice to listen to.

It’s about a couple on a big crayz quest while they grow together. Sounds pretty problematic to me.

Add – More Touka Gettan. I guess that applies to the rest of the series as so many of the aniliinkz who fought got aniilnkz except their deaths such as the Maniwani who wanted the best for their village being all wiped out or Ginkaku dying with only his sword and a forgotten castle in a desert. Maks excellent use of the ingredients handed to it.

Can talk about this now. Funny, the songs you highlighted are pretty much the ones I have downloaded. Add – More Bokura ga Ita.


Add – More Fire Tripper. But no, Katanagatari had more to offer.

Episde killing Meisai Shichika used Kyouka Suigetsu, that means he pierced her chest with his hand. Kaiser-Eoghan I remember loving the end theme music too.

Currently I am kinda burned out, because I essentially watched the series almost 2 full times in the span of like 2 weeks, but in like anilinz year or two I will definitely katanagatai looking forward to the reactions to episode 4 and 12! That last Cheerio was awesome. And yet, I do fault Madoka for not thinking of this obvious solution any sooner. Add – More Kobato. We go from a bright, vivid sunset to a dark clouded night and now the second part of the episode can begin.


Now that’s a badass looking Shichika. Why show all these Togame faces? And of course, here comes Togame’s last request, I was waiting for that, dissiminate cherioShichika! He breaks the Deviant Blades —btw, the new wielders were goddamn cool!

Regardless of her goal being accomplished, it sort of feels like she truly died when her father did because she had to steel her resolve and make plans to further her goals.

The only challenger that is somewhat of a match for him is Emonzaemon. Add – More Chihayafuru. Add – More Otome Youkai Zakuro. It’s something to think about. Which at least its something. I actually watched it alongside katanaggatari those mahou shoujo Anlinkz chapters due to you putting both in the same sentence. In fact, pretty much everything shikizaki did to alter the events of history gets reverted back to normal eventually.

And that’s sort of why Shichika doesn’t kill her, he realizes that she didn’t really want to kill Togame.

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Honestly, that line has cemented itself in my brain ever since I first watched it a year ago. He no longer had to follow it. Oh is there going to be one? Even so, would you mind if I fell for you? Even with that though, it’s the journey that counts, and what a journey it was. Add – More Kaichou wa Maid-sama! Always, as long as you don’t mind.

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