Abhay’s mother was feeling sad about yesterday’s incident. He asks Shalini to sleep as it already late. Looking at Shalini, Shanthi’s friends tell her that her daughter-in-law looks old and how Abhay did get married to an aged girl. She keeps telling that, 8 years back she had man in her life, and she got pregnant without marrying him. Continuing this, Abhay asks her not to be possessive and consider, Shalini as her daughter. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.

When Abhay runs a fake news against Shalini and later realises his mistake, he apologises. Just then Abhay wakes up and tells Shalini that he could feel her missing even though when he is asleep. And even some times, he looks as a small kid. Everybody appreciates the coffee, but Shanthi tells that coffee is quite watery. Shalini, with the effect of juice starts telling the truth about her life. Next day they travel back home. At home, Shanthi was angry and upset with Abhay for not making the phone call during their trip. She talks to herself and apologizes him for not being able to a wife for him, and by his goodness and sacrifice she is feeling small day by day.

To cool down Shanthi, Shalini gives the sari to Shanthi. They become friends and Abhay proposes her, but she refuses. When questioned, Abhay tells that he is here joyheyali his honeymoon. Even Shanthi too insists her to go with him.

While riding the bike, Abhay goes in speed.

Seeing this, Shalini gets shocked. Shanthi, taunts that unlike Shalini’s mother’s house they have sufficient milk in their home and asks her to prepare coffee without adding water to the milk.

He further tells that he can’t live without her. He also requests God to make Shalini accept him by the time, they leave that city. Abhay then requests Ranjit to meet his newly wedded wife.

Jothe Jotheyalli

Will Abhay give up or continue jotheysli his efforts to win her love? She says that her mother had decided to send Shalini to this temple after her marriage. He then leaves the place. Abhay agrees to her and makes the arrangements to watch movie at home with everybody. At home, Shanthi was angry and upset with Abhay for not making the phone call during their trip.


More Videos of Jothe Jotheyalli. This irritates Shanthi further. While going, he shocked to notice Shalini who is sweeping near entrance of the temple.

When Shalini’s younger sister asks her mother for money to pay her college fees, she in turn request Shalini’s father to support their family by doing some earnings.

Abhay then asks about her imagination of a life partner. And, that news was about Ranjit, who has quit his DC post to start a new political party for fighting against the corruption.

Abhay tells Shalini that he always had a dream in his life to come to fulo place like this, and to watch a sunset with his girl. She says that she feels difficult to go travel so far and that to an unknown country. Epiosdes mother gets a call from Abhay’s mother and blames her, for not treating Abhay properly at their home. Jothe Jotheyalli – Episodes In his usual irresponsible tone he says no. Meantime, Abhay comes inside, hugs her from the behind and tells her that, they are going to beach and there is surprise waiting for her.

Meantime, Abhay stumbles upon Ranjit who too was in the temple. Will Abhay eventually wins her over with his true love and his everlasting flamboyant attitude?

Abhay prays to Lord Krishna to keep his and Shalini’s relation eternal. Shalini’s mother takes Vaishnavi to an orphanage. Abhay consoles her and asks her to be happy as she just looks like a 30 fjll old lady.

Jothe Jotheyalli (Kannada) – 31 Oct, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 | (Drama, Romance)

Shalini gets frightened by this and asks him to go slow. Abhay’s father explains Shanthi that she is just concerned about the cost of the saree and is not at all bothered about the love that is hidden behind this saree.

Abhay leaves Shalini and goes out saying he will come back with a small surprise. He then asks her to suggest any alternative place. She tells him that Vaishnavi was found vull the market, and looking at her physical condition and by knowing she had no one to take care, she brought her to orphanage.


He is jotne closing his eyes with his hands and uncovers his eyes when Shalini appears before him. These words makes Shalini sad and dejected.

She keeps telling that, 8 years back she had man in her life, and she got pregnant without marrying him. The officer in the orphanage asks more detail about that kid. In the early morning, Shalini asks Abhay to meditate while sitting in the garden. Looking at the grandness of the room, she asks how much is the rent for that room.

Both Abhay and his father get irritated by her extra caring behaviour, and ask her to give space to the newly fll couple.

While meditating, he goes to sleep. Shalini tells Abhay that, she epiosdes however hard he still appears like a small boy and she is not able to consider him as her husband. Abhay consoles her by saying that, he loves her smile and her happiness and to make it jothyeali forever, he can remain as a kid forever but he only wants her hand with him.

After the lady saint asks Abhay to take care of Shalini well, he decides to offer Seva to the God.

Jothe Jotheyalli – | Watch Jothe Jotheyalli (Kannada) TV Serial Online | ZEE5 | (Drama, Romance)

And even some nothe, he looks as a small kid. Stay tuned for moreThis is the story of 31 year old Shalini and 26 year old Abhay.

He asks her not worry about the money as they have come out for the first time in their life. Stay tuned for more. He tells him that he has decided to invite all the elite intellectuals to his party, and planned to do all jothyeali discussions at a resort in Kerala with those likeminded people. Abhay’s mother was feeling sad about yesterday’s incident.

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