Qayamat Ki Raat Dance Plus 4. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Shyam’s true intentions are revealed as he repeatedly tries to kill his wife Anjali so he can be with Khushi. And the sparks flew Shlok fakes love to Aastha and they gets married. Arnav Singh Raizada episodes, Sanaya Irani Arnav Singh Raizada episodes,

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A scary peon Dumroo tries to repeatedly play around with a new doctor at the hospital. Indian soap opera Drama Romance. Aastha and Shlok are shocked to see Swati. Shlok wakes up from coma and a few days later, he meets Aastha but Aastha couldn’t recognise him. Sana later quit the show in December Dill Mill Gayye —

She is instantly disapproving of Khushi. Sojal who complains about Varad’s extramarital affair to Niranjan is disheartened by him causing her show hatred to Niranjan.

Inclined to ruin her reputation, he creates rumors of a false affair brewing between them, putting the Guptas Khushi’s adoptive family in a situation where they are left with no choice but to move away to Delhi to live with the girl’s aunt, Bua ji. Arnav is totally in love with Khushi and wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Sojal realises that Aastha, Anjali and Jyoti are right and joins them along with her daughter,Kavya. Abhaas Mehta and Sana Makbul entered the show as antagonists of the naqm.

Shlok mistakenly believes Aastha to be responsible for the insult of his father and his family and decides to take revenge from her. Angry at Aastha, he divides the house into two and orders her to stay in one part alone but she is joined by Anjali.


Shyam is thrown out of the house but Anjali continues meeting him secretly. It has been dubbed and adapted into multiple languages. The story revolves around Arnav and Khushi’s married life after three years. No one believes Aastha including Shlok. I wish it had never been there in the soap Chhanchhan TV Series If Khushi believes in means, Arnav believes only in ends. The both of them slowly start realising their feelings for each other. A scary peon Dumroo tries to repeatedly play around with a new doctor at the hospital.

Varad has an extramarital affair with a woman named Mansi, who does not believe in marriage which hurts his wife, Sojal and his daughter.

Avinash Sachdev — Times of India”. With that promo I fell in love with the serial and actually waited for 6th June for the serial to get started In the first Episode itself heroine falls in the arms of Hero Trying to ignore their feelings for one another, Arnav announces his engagement to Lavanya and Khushi’s family gets her engaged to a paying guest living with them. The couple happily adopt Aarav as their son. Retrieved 18 March Chand Ke Paar Chalo Geet Later Varad turns out to be mildly foolish and kicks Niranjan out of the house and signs a contract with Indrajeet Sarkar, which causes the family to be expelled out of Agnihotri Mansion.

Learn more More Like This. Aastha asks Anjali and Shlok’s brother, Varad about Swati but they ask her to leave it alone.


Aastha jashh Shlok are shocked to see Swati. The story follows the lives of Khushi Kumari Gupta, middle-class girl from LucknowUttar Pradesh, and Arnav Singh Raizada, a wealthy business tycoon isz cold and ruthless after losing his mother and father to suicide.

Shlok rescues Aastha just as Aditi is about to shoot her. Retrieved 11 September He threatens her that if she reveals this to anyone he’d have her father framed in a case of corruption, revealing his actually abusive nature. They find proof on his computer and enact a play to bring out the reality.

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His Hindi-English is awesome Coming to the negative lead On their first night, Shlok reveals to Aastha that he didn’t love her and only wanted to take revenge. After know jo truth, Anjali slaps Shyam and the police arrest him and take him away.

Khushi’s relationships are the most important to her, whereas Arnav believes all people come with a price and can be manipulated for one’s benefit. She is a free-spirited independent young woman, modern in her thought but still deeply

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