It doesn’t say that they “have” only the 3 options you mentioned. The constant need for validation is tiresome, and I’m speaking from a woman’s perspective. If we excuse OHY’s violence with the “all humans are violent”, why are we not using the same excuse for Tae-jin? Simple, turn him into the most predictable caricature of a villain that can be possible. He wonders if he should tell the truth, since he might die soon. Don’t we need some much needed respite, something that can makes us smile, for a change? Now, with these eps together, I’m just in complete love again. I’m just so in it.

It’s about single mum lable which’ll stick in South Korea not only to you all your life but to your child as well. F’d up Insecure Neurotic, and Emotional. Hae Young letting go of her inferiority complex and broaching friendship with OHY2? You can’t push the river. It cast an interesting sidelight on her childhood, and her sense of loss of self. I do not know if I will call it ‘good’ especially because the more they drag TaeJin down this path He also answered her question about his father’s death, and I took that as a significant piece of self-disclosure — and an oblique reference to what he understood to be his impending demise.

I hv less expectation towards this dramacrwzy but surprisingly i enjoyed the episode. Moon Chae Won Main Cast. Found one of them: I do like to think that an imbalance isn’t a bad thing. With a big side of forgiveness and compassion.

I absolutely loved this show when it first aired Do-kyung says that he expected at least this much, and gives her a comforting hug. The inspectors bring word that the Western party has been abusing their power- committing a bevy of petty and serious misdeeds through out the land.

Innocen we wouldn’t be trained monkeys performing. I feel like this show tends to repeat itself a bit too much, especially lately. As for the secondary romance, wait till you see the next episode. Makes it seem that the ONLY options are get married, get an abortion, or kill yourself. What this is saying to me is that, as with the screenplay of life that both psychiatrists have been talking about, our souls already know the outcome You’re willing to be emotionally scarred but won’t let go, that is so unhealthy psychologically speaking.


Log in with Email. Be careful it does bite, karma goes around too. To be honest, if this show really wanted to do something ground-breaking then OHY1 and PDK would never end together, they would have a open ending or will go different ways forever.

A couple of subtle items caught my eye xub this episode. I am thinking the end will shock our socks off, hopefully totally different from the novel…one can only dream!

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Her episoe was embarrassed beyond belief and everyone wants her to die. Without any deaths please, show And I also appreciated that she came out and said why she didn’t pick up his calls and why she was mad. But this is a kdrama so Stranger June 21, at PDK and OHY1 have chemistry and are attracted to each other but their happy ending means at least one character is miserable for no reason due to them. They’ve redeemed the Other Hae Young They may be acting weird but both of them are going to make good parents who think of their child first.

I guess I am a softie like that. Master Jin happens to come by at this moment and interrupts the exchange, telling the merchant that he will report him for using counterfeit coins.

Do-kyung is home now, and thinking about how his premonition changed. I wish she could hold her fire and encourage him to take a giant step That sets her off again, and Do-kyung sweetly says not to cry, but she hangs up and lets herself sob.


He wonders if he should tell the truth, since he might die soon.

The Innocent Man

Ahh well, can’t please everyone. I guess In Hyun is not so passive after en. There are some deja vu moments, and not just because of the visions. I don’t know if you read my mind or not but you hit the nail on the head. They would’ve been like two firecrackers in a dumpster And it lost its magic to me starting from that point.

But I’m glad Dramacrzzy Sang decided he could kiss her. I just don’t think that the relationship between Hae Young and Do Kyung is healthy. Tae-jin invites him in to avoid the CCTV cameras, and right away kicks him hard enough to send Do-kyung to his knees.

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Aww, that’s a very sweet take on that scene. I don’t worry to much about it because noona will be awesome no matter what. She didn’t like how our Hae-young received family love, but what about the fact that our Hae-young suffered because of the other Hae-young?

She does not reveal to the King the threat from his Mother and instead pleads with him to love her no matter what she does- because all of her future actions will only be ssub she loves him.

I’ve felt a little pooped out by the negative commentary too.

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