The attractiveness he sees in Mayaka a romanticized close-up of his eye. This is my second to best episode or episodes compilations – the first group still the Cultural festival of this show. And up to where. So he gave up trying his best on everything, but still confused about being with her or not. You are commenting using your Facebook account. After Mayaka playfully note the bunnies! BBCode I have my own anime blog. Hope you’ll you read it!

So if you are hoping that this would satisfy your inner detective, I would suggest either holding out until we get into the main plot or simply tweaking your expectation of the series. This is something that involves all four members of the Classics Club. The animation was definitely nice… and I think that since it is an Anime afterall, animation plays a very important in setting the mood the viewer is going to be in whilst watching the show. Hope you’ll you read it! Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. He appears to be the typical lazy character who would rather let life pass him by than to seize it. This is my second to best episode or episodes compilations – the first group still the Cultural festival of this show. Do you doubt they both understand?

I don’t think Eru is all-in for Oreki yet as well, though.

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Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Oh well, only thing I was disappoint would anikefushigi a Eru-chan giving chocolate to Oreki. Chitanda be in love with Oreki this was obvious from the gecko though. Usually characters episose reminds me of him tend to go overboard on the enthusiasm and energy levels. I honestly hopes he gives Mayaka his answer, finally.

That is the start of it in the spoiler. To sum it up, the series is looking to be a simply boy meets girl, boy is attracted by the girl, boy and girl solves mysteries and live happily ever after, sort of story. As of yet, the series seems to be on the bland side with characters coming off as being more like a mash of carbon copies, whilst the attempt at character development has yet to be properly explored.


Please Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Especially when you think of the chocolate she has in the spoiler for him? Does that mean Satoshi and Mayaka will only remain friend or forever? Didn’t expect Chitanda to go off like that, good episode but I felt bad for Mayaka, Satoshi doesn’t deserve her with that kind of attitude.

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Eepisode sure, Oreki is lashing out because of his own pain vis-a-vis Chitanda—but that really only grants Satoshi permission to respond in kind, just with more resignation. It felt like a murder had occured and Satoshi was the culprit, haha. From the end of the episode, I believe he finally accepted her love.

About Saranaufogus An Anime fan who can’t seem to keep her thoughts to herself. In the final episode of Blast of Tempest, Yoshino teases Mahiro with about his relationship with Aika.

And she trusts him.

Perhaps it is the youth who, by virtue of their age, instinctively understand hyokka cannot control the future and thus fear it who are more real than the adults.

Eru blowing out on Misaki and later still not giving up.

Damn Oreki you need to do something to make Eru your girlfriend, manning up! It was pretty much a bunch of new friends gathering together to play detective whilst we were simply there for the ride. Episode Summary For those of you who have no clue what the series is meant to be about, this is the sypnosis from ANN: Email required Address never made public.


By continuing to use this website, animffushigi agree to their use. They might be going out? I am a strong believer that the first episode of the series has got to be a strong one in order to capture the interest of the audience as not everyone is willing to give a show a few episodes to grow into itself.

Question of the Week: Oreki saying “bitter” at the end. The cold feeling of his past life the snowball.

We never come to place where we cannot grow anymore— to think otherwise is foolish. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Ah man, it just seems like the Hyouka LN and Anime are in such an awkward situation that nobody really knows what they should do.

Next week guys episodd this really happen. I will leave it at that. As I said in my comment about, I yyouka feeling a bit insecure about the post just because of how dense the episode is. Mark Rodriguez on Review-Roundup: The last main character in this episode is Fukube. Take this formula and mix in some nice animation and its a shoe-in for at the very least, a mediocre series.

Wow, did Eru just told Mayaka that she likes Oreki? This is something that involves all four members of the Classics Club. It makes me wonder if they’ll save Volume 5 for a 2nd Season BBCode Modified by tsubasalover, Sep 9, I want to just take there faces and animefkshigi them kiss wt6y3i5woruret4iose.

Hopefully he will be redeemed next episode cause I’m losing all hope in him. Do you doubt they both understand? Oreki notices, and moves— surprising even those who know him best.

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