Samaira says Zaki is mad about Arzoo and asks who is there in her which is not in her. Arzoo thanks him for the rose. Zaki calls the lab and gets shocked. Zaki asks how can you say that. Zaki says I came to know. She says he reminds me that I am no one for him. Samaira asks what about Zaki. Welcome, Login to your account.

Alvira assures to take care of Arzoo and blesses Arzoo. Kurti says she got it from a big maulvi. Next spoilers states that even if aarzoo denies, sahir apologies aarzoo for his deeds and again makes plans to impress her…. But i feel it is not right time to confess her love for Sahir to him… First he should realize his mistake that he made birthday celebration drama…n zaki should clarify his love with arzoo… Sahir should have strong feeling for her…then she can say.. She trapped Zaki now. She gives suggestion to Ashrafi not to fall in love with anyone specially with the person like Gabbar Chaudhary. Page 1 of 1.

He gets angry and calls Arzoo. May be this is the punishment for loving you immensely. Samaira asks what about Zaki. Zaki says lets go.

She prays for Sahir. Sahir calls someone and says he wants to talk to Mr.

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Arzoo looks at the artificial moon. Just see our moves. Sahir comes to Samaira and asks can I come in. Kurti Apa talks to Rahman Saheb. Harshu 16th Dec – 8: Anam and Humwafars Apa ask her not to worry. I will make her mine and no one can come in between us. A password will be e-mailed to you. Sonali 18th Dec – He asks Alvira to send coffee to his room and goes. Samaira wakes up and thinks it is mosquito bite. You can do anything for money.


He signs her to go. Sahir asks her to think it as first birthday with him. I have understood your plan. Decmeber is about to say.

She will confess her feelings for me and will say me I love you then you will realize that her love for you is just a betrayal. She is concerned towards me.

Kurti Apa calls her choti begum and asks her to rest as it is not good to sit in this condition. Samaira asks Zaki what had happened to her. You both have to solve your problems. I hate this side of sahir. Zaki calls the lab and gets shocked.

Samaira recalls to see them searching something on the net and may be exchanges the blood sample. They start dancing on the song Kehte Hai Khuda Ne ………. Sahir make arzoo say i love u and zaki sees it. Sahir says I came to talk to you about Zaki.

You are my Humsafar………. Kurti Apa and Anam come to Samaira. Sahir fumes looking at Zeenat. Arzoo thanks him for the rose.


She recalls Sahir protecting her before. Sahir recalls his moments with Arzoo as he closes his eyes.

Humsafars 17th December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

She says Arzoo wants to kill me and my child through a pin. Doctor comes and tells Sahir that Zeenat showed improvement and moved her fingers. Zaki plans a surprise birthday party for Arzoo and talks to Manager.

Arzoo says she supported him as she trusts him. He says I will bring you closer to Zaki and asks her to keep Zaki away from home today.

Truth is that I came to know about your birthday from your CV at Saiyyara. Zaki comes and thanks her for her doings. Samaira comes to Zaki.

Page 1 of 1. If this 71th proves to be mine then my life will be ruined. He used to talk to me so much. Arzoo picks the cotton and keeps it in the bottle. Anam says he will be with you within 24 hours. Harshu 16th Dec – 9: Sahir says did she say anytime. Zaki tells Sahir that he loves Arzoo and even Arzoo loves him so much.

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