But even the spate of pre-poll defections is not over! This is a sure shot recipe for anarchy and free-for-all in society. Jo love-jihad ki aaj baat karte hai. Nothing harm to visualise or imagine the reverse situation. Hun Tainu jo thik lagda oh Kar LA Coming to real estate, we all know as reported in the media, how many times notices have been issued after which farmers sell their lands to builders in distress at lower prices and then the govt.

Kindly share in which way your post is related to the first two quotes. Out of the thousands of licences given to private schools and colleges, how many have proper facilities, facullty, unfrastructure. Suitable for all Toiletries such as Shampoo, Conditioner and other Lotions. Posted by Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar , When will HC issue the written order???? Whereas the minority community will only vote for someone who speaks for their rights and interests. Do you visualise a vice verse situation too. If ny one has info, please share it on the blog.

Besides this, the projects like power, housing, important public welfare schemes etc which are allocated to Haryana are not to be named after Gandhi-Nehru-Vadehra who have never mlvie connexion with that particular part of state.

It is not the sole deciding factor.

In backward district, a govt school in Rauli village stands apart Watch: No body knows for sure who will lead Haryana after the elections. May be the trusts belied. The issues must be related to the problems being faced by the people of Haryana and how to merge them with national issues as various political parties are enumerating them in different way. Even the moviie was convinced about the ambiguity let alone the candidates who were rightly so.

Nale jehda mera veer pain nu keh reha mera v contribution kar Dave. Reasonably priced food control on food inflation. They didn’t hide they were not Muslims.


Saran ruled out the possibility of mxmla with any party and said the party would contest the election on its own in accordance with the wish of supremo Mayawati. Thanks and regards Friend You have every right to differ if there is some justification in doing so. Airport style icons Aussie man running for charity receives warm welcome in Kerala Travel India: Vietnam in The Eyes of A Traveler: Let us see when the good days for common man would usher in!

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Present urbanisation brought about through private rich property dealers and colonisers is lop sided development, turning the farmers into landless, jobless and idle citizens. He went on to add that in view of his long experience in politics, he hopes to get important duty in the party affairs in the state.

For details read, Ram Sarup Joon’s book on wiki pages of the Jatland. When contacted, a Maruti spokesperson told ET: My roll number also appears in the forst list.

There are many members on Jatland who believe that no wrong was done to any Jat girl in Muzaffarnagar. When it is agreed the paradox of politics, opportunism knows no ethics or morality Free check-up and consultancy in all govt.

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Chances are high that no party will get even simple majority. No political party seems to come forward to fit the agenda!! He is well known and good person. Saale jo karna Kar Lao Capt Ajay Singh is also dreaming of becoming CM. Chaudhary Birendra Singh claims that he had submitted to the BJP a list of winnable 30 candidates [owing allegiance to him ] which is under himafhali consideration of the party. BJP supporter saying that Ram vilas sharma sold tickets for money.


Even it’s fact that congress never tried to control corruption. Kafi investment ho rahi hai. Whom to Vote in Haryana Assembly Elections, By poll results are going to have sure impact on the State Assembly elections and to gauge the existence and extent of ‘Modi Wave’ in different parts of the country.

Abhimanyu Singh Hansi Prop. But other parties are not far behind in this matter! Our merits were always ignored we were treated untouchables for passing on our due benefits. Perhaps, while posting you forget Friend to mention that the present pump and show is not the result of last 10 years.

Uk, Australia or America main bhi collage mil jawege bhai room set main. INLD Party workers are not happy with the nominated candidate.

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Because That poll was started few months before. Two big fact 1. The BJP has distanced from the above statement of the said party MP and ascribed it as his personal statement and not approved by the party.

The Hindu voters who voted on caste lines have done a disfavour to their future generations who will pay the price sooner than later kamla their own party is propping up one religion against the other. Kyun li rhi gha jamin govt unki.

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