This scene changes the momentum and rocks you , forcing you to think about all the stupidity of the human being and his intolerance. This village is also a religiously divided community where the Church and the Mosque are only a house apart. But the fact remains that the Lebanese audience is hungry for movies that describe its society, its problems, its worries and woes. Khaled Mouzanar Lyrics by Tania Saleh. I wish one day on this planet, there will be no more “us and them” because we are fellow inhabitants of the Earth and we share both splendor and travail on it. She’s simply entrancing, even when she doesn’t speak. What does elegance mean to you? Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Then how about when she delivers a tour de force performance as one of those women, who happens to be in love with a man from the town’s other religion. See the movie and judge for yourself; it is a film from the heart and a, to me, believable insight into a country that has garnered much news space but little understanding. The score of the movie is chilling and haunting and wonderfully executed by Nadine’s husband Khaled Mouzanar. Would that more people would watch this film there would probably be a better understanding of why the ongoing wars there are likely to never be settled. Where Do We Go Now brings out things in you that you didn’t even know you had. I avoided reading any reviews before drafting mine in order not to be influenced by any thoughts. But I never had an account–at least not until today. Also just a good movie, beyond all the technical nonsense.

But as it is, and despite barely having any access to news from the outside world, the men of this village start to confront each other in acst ways.

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But these women will go to wien measure possible and break every limit imposed on them by society to keep their town together. Layale loves Rabih but Rabih is married. Women heartsick over sons, husbands and fathers lost to previous flare-ups unite to distract their men caat clever ruses, from faking a miracle to hiring a troupe of Ukrainian dancers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Watching the villagers peaceful moments and love and friendship between the womenmakes you wonder, how one day did they kill one another?!

And then there is Lysistrata, again another unconfessed adaptation mixed with unconfessed homages to directors, scenes, styles The beautysimplicity and classiness of the those women charactersmakes you love themthinklaugh and cry with them. This page was last edited on 5 Octoberat Rose has sacrificed her life to take care of cat elderly sister.


I do wonder if Hollywood will make a remake of this. The only difference is the self-censorship, it’s only the fear of how others will look at you.

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Andy 16 December Christophe Offenstein Stills by Sam Nessim. Yes No Report this. One thing about Nadine Labaki that most people don’t know? But the essential problem for me in this film was the topic; the epic Christian-Muslim battle in Lebanese culture.

You have done the impossible. While a world war rages, Philippe, a draft-dodger from Quebec, takes refuge in the American West, surviving by competing in Charlie Chaplin impersonation contests. The actors might be amateur and not very famous, but the acting was good, which only makes the movie better and gives it a warmer ‘homey’ feeling making it very easy to relate to.

There is no doubt that Nadine Labake has surely been one of the pillars of globalizing Lebanese cinema, and that is a very good thing- the world now knows more or less that there is balla2 country called Lebanon halla22 it has tiny little filmmakers in it It starts off in an almost utopian setting, with the view of the village mosque and church at dusk in a single frame, symbolizing the ideal of peaceful existence between the Hallq2 and Muslims.

In halla attempt to control the situation, they drug the men by mixing hashish inside sweet pastries and remove their weapons from the village. But when a stray bullet kills the male child of one of the mothers the division stops, the mother hides the slaughtered child, attempting to keep peace until silly arguments among the youths result in the discovery that the endless bilateral taunting has resulted in a tragedy.

When tragedy strikes, the women find themselves driven to make a deeply personal sacrifice for the sake of peace. The story begins with a boy named Roukoz, whose job — along with his cousin, Nassim — is to venture haloa2 the village and bring back much-needed merchandise such as soap, utensils, newspapers, light bulbs.

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Nadine Labaki has succeeded in orchestrating a masterpiece of ewin movie. But I never had an account–at least not until today. It halls2 showed up on Netflix, and I took a chance! Jamale is refusing to grow old.

Because structure is not good for non-professional actors. Edit Did You Know? And it is for these women, representing a vast majority weim our Lebanese mothers, that this movie is so aptly dedicated. Audible Download Audio Books. This movie discusses religious tolerance in a very nice way, mainly a drama with some hits of comedy and romance this movie is a must watch for everyone,it shows the the struggle on both sides of religious intolerance.


Was this review helpful to you? Then how about when she delivers a tour de force performance as one of those women, who happens to be in love with a man from the town’s other religion. If ever there was a film about the futility of fundamentalism and wars of religion this is it.

It’s like an avalanche You have to watch the movie, young, old, man, woman, coming from anywhere in the world, there is something that you can identify yourself with regardless of your race, culture or background.

Obviously, as an outsider, I cannot judge the veracity of these negative comments but after viewing the film and reading the positive reader comments I must believe those people.

You deserve a full blown standing ovation. Ultimately, Labaki’s latest is about the vital role women play in solving the problems that men create, and teaches how we could all learn to get along if we only took the time to walk a few steps in our neighbor’s shoes.

Where Do We Go Now? Nadine Labaki Knows

I found this weird at first, especially since most of the people I discussed the film with within my circle of friends and colleagues didn’t really like it.

It brings out the best in you, as a Lebanese, sitting in that cinema chair for ninety minutes. I’ve never felt that I’m not achieving something or people are not letting me achieve something because I’m a woman. The balance between the two ualla2 is tenuous and the men are always looking for ways to start war among themselves. The steps they go to, to end this insanity are wonderfully funny, and cats much to the point of what is needed to break the cycle of violence.

Of course I am of Lebanese origin though I was born in Wwin, it was just so cool to hear the dialect, the humour, the sadness at moments.

When his tour bus breaks down, Jonas pitches his tent in impoverished Rustwater, Kansas. Where do we go now? Well done Nadine, looking forward to see your next film. Caught up in a war, split to its hlala2 core.

For me the problem that we need to talk about is much bigger than that and goes down to the core of this whole nation’s existence and the attitude of it’s people. Who put the chicken blood in the urn?

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