As far as I know, the only new material lately have been fics. Merge this question into. Related Questions Where can i find the english dub of gurren lagann episode 10? Gabe is right and Steve Blum as Leeron is beyond win. First OVA is still available on streaming, but I think the second one died out. I’ll blow the store up if it doesn’t have it. Does anyone know where i can watch Gurren Lagann Episodes 9 and 10 for free?

So if you have a favorite series of yours that you would like to see added to the site please tell us in the forums! It’s got some really good music the battle themes are awesome , as well as some rather well though out fights. Obviously this isn’t enough for us to cater to all you anime fans out there. Not only has it been a hit, but all of my anime club members adore it as well. Guess I’ll order some shit online. There have been a few one-shots going around, but there’s been very little new material.

And he sounds freaking hilarious. Shamelessly inserting my reviews. Sorry about teh links. So if you are willing to help out with the site click “Apply For Staff” under the menu. Where can you watch Gundums online in English dubbed for free?

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OVA Episode 2 Discussion

Never saw that one but the “third eye” was the one feature that couldn’t be passed off as a coincidence to me. Outlaw Star – It’s old, and it follows the adventures of five outlaws in space. I’m a big fan. There’s one recap episode in the series That moment when Kamina finds out they were wearing bikinis the wole time. And incase anyone forgot: It is subtitled not dubbed. Also, they are planning on making Cowboy Bebop into a live action movie, supposedly with Keanu Reeves which, might end badlyso it’s good to see the original before they could potentially screw it up hopefully, you’ll see it to see where they got this good movie from, if they make it good.


If you don’t know who VGCats is, I am ashamed but understand, Canadian web comics don’t tend to get recognized very well at times. In Bleach Anime and Manga.

Great show, for all ages. When They Gueren – Basically, this one is about some kids who go insane and start killing their friends and family. That’s not a third eye; that’s a reference to Lal’c from Diebuster.

Guess that makes Sevo excited haha. It’s a really sad, but really great, anime. Unfortunately, only the first season is dubbed. Well that was stupid. Can someone tell me what he was saying or link me to an episode 15 without subtitles that get cut off! I g2 find the normal version of ep6! I haven’t watched this yet. Too bad they’re all either sold out or beoh.

Last Exile – It’s a steampunk anime, that follows two pilots, Klaus and Lavie. Go here to fix it: Never mind, I muscled past episode 15 and the subtitles got way better after thet. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Personally I felt the anime had moments of great predictability due to the rigid stereotypes xub in the anime. Could this be the fabled Gurren-Lagann? There are the gurrne ofwhere Firo Prochenezo is moving up in his mafia family,where a massacre happens aboard the transcontinental express train, the Flying Pussyfoot, and where Eve Genoard is looking for her long lost brother.


A freind of mine has me watching it. You can buy a legal copy of the DVDs from Amazon and other stores. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ranks up there with the greatest anime’s I’ve ever seen. The quality wasn’t that great but it was definitely watchable. You can also preorder it now on most djb, saving a little cash. I hope you’re only referring to their designs and certain scenes intended as references. Does anyone know where i can watch Gurren Lagann Episodes 9 and 10 for free?

Poor Viral gets no respect.

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Part of me is reaaally interested in this. In my opinion though the Kamina voice is soooooo much better in Japanese. I’ll blow the store up if it doesn’t have it. Kamina is the greatest! I a small request

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