Shin Godzilla Japanese Movie. The film is scheduled to hit theaters on July Off course Akanishi and Kamenashi can’t replace Matsumoto and Oguri, but I still think they do a wonderful portraying their characters and that reason enough for me to watch it. Antique Bakery Korean Movie. My other complaint is the two lead students are so good-looking it’s hard to suspend disbelief. The only character I was truly impressed with was Kuma, who carried over from season 1. There were, just a bit, too many scenes that Yankumi has to save hers students, and the ending wasn’t as compelling as when Yankumi makes her speeches NTV’s Toya Sato, who worked on the dramas, is directing.

Cyrano Agency Korean Movie. Nobunaga Concerto Japanese Drama. Falling for Innocence Korean Drama. Death Note Japanese Drama. I like the new characters a lot, but overall I don’t think this one really flows as well as the first one. Oh – and the, “Who am I?

The Bridal Mask Korean Drama.

Mei-chan no Shitsuji Japanese Drama. Runway Beat Japanese Movie.

Ishitachi no Renai Jijo Japanese Drama. Comments by sirhin [Rating: Nonetheless, this serial still works as a solid stand-alone drama. You actually got to know more of the students than in here. Shitsuren Chocolatier Japanese Drama.

[JMovie] Gokusen (The Movie)

Sign In Sign Up. I always turn them of when I watch. Melody of Love Korean Drama. Hello Monster Korean Drama.


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I know it’s hard nowadays to create an original plot. And the reason I would ever have watched this in the first place is because of Jin I don’t understand how she can win the award for Best Actor for this season, it doesn’t take a genius to pretend to fight the way she did.

The review section may contain spoilers! Kaseifu no Mita Japanese Drama.

Gokusen Episode 1

Comments by nishishi [Rating: Cheo Yong Korean Drama. Reviewed by Shindou on 13 March My Beautiful Bride Korean Drama.

I feel that Yamaguchi is a facilitator, facilitating the students to think and decide for themselves There is nothing special about this movie, it’s ok, watch it once and then forget about it xd And they didn’t tell Kame’s story, there was obviously something troubling him or maybe it’s just me.

In the second series of Gokusen, Yamaguchi is hired gokueen at a prestigious all-boys high school. LovelessHero 10yr ago 6, jpops. Comments by donna drmaacrazy The role of Hiyato was well done. Shin Godzilla Japanese Movie. Good Doctor Korean Drama. I just thought it was a bad imitation of the first season so I stopped watching it. Antique Bakery Korean Movie.


Dramxcrazy School Korean Drama. As much as it may seem I don’t like Gokusen 1, I really, really, did – I managed to put up with the afore mentioned simply because the acting was semi-decent, it was lighthearted, and the concept itself was new – drmaacrazy Yakuza teacher taking control of her gangster-like students is definetly not a cliche in my book.

Saigo no Yakusoku Japanese Special.

Gokusen 2 [ごくせん2] ::

A Million Korean Movie. Space Brothers Japanese Movie.

A real heaven for girls!! If one miss Gokusen and Yankumi one will problably fell happy while watching Gokusen It was just missing something. Boku no Yabai Tsuma Japanese Drama.

Reviewed by erlia91 on 18 November What happened to her crush on that police officer? Even Kanata can also turn out funny despite his serious character role.

The students also quite different but it’s ok I like it. As good as the first.

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