BBCode Modified by sparks, Oct 11, 8: Feel free to correct me if you see some. They look so serious while talking about the trailer of Gintama Movie. Use your common sense, follow the rediquette and you should be fine. I never knew they got this before! And the rest was funny! First thing to get a complete

And hearing OP’s first OP at the end made me ridiculously happy. Lol, saw it just now and it was pretty awesome. Log in or sign up in seconds. Its out subbed from Dondake. First 4 minutes were brilliant! I guess Gintama will always be Gintama. Sorachi added the science fiction setting to develop characters to his liking after his editor suggested doing a historical series. They seriously need to make that movie though.

Awesome OVA, if only action anime was as bad ass as this.

It was so cool at the beginning, and at the end it was funny as hell: That wasn’t even a preview for a Gintama movie. The episodde eps you can find here: BBCode – If you believe this place holds you, it is a prison.


Where can one find it? BBCode Modified by niiica, Sep 30, If you do not wish to leave, it will become a fortress.

More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: But it’s like “Damn! First thing to get a complete Gintama’s popular enough for it to be profitable. Made me laugh tho.

P All of the backstory parts were amazing though. It’d be fucking awesome if that was a real movie. The characters immediately talk about how it will never be made.


Spoilers and NSFW should be properly marked. I hope someone with a good heart subs it soon BBCode Like Japanese films?

BBCode Modified by sparks, Oct 11, 8: And that’s exactly the way I like it. Kusuriuri from Mononoke by pana LJ username. News, manga releases, anime releases, fan artwork relating to Gintama and more are than welcome for submission.

SunrisePls don’t let us fans down.

where can i watch Gintama with english subbed ? | Yahoo Answers

I loved the movie trailer, it was really awesome. Those four minutes were utterly tintama though. Thanks for the reply!


D and the first song in onepiece was such a nostalgia man that was awesome gintama ftw. When Shay is born she just crawls back in the womb to shitpost for another year. I mean, that’s what they said about the Benizakura arc, right? Discussion Thread for New Chapters and Episodes: Yes please totally awesome!

Gintama Episode List/Special Episodes – Gintama

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. I just watched it with Spanish subs and translated the spanish to english.

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