Fs 1 episode 6. Emotional — Moral Development In paragraph form, describe the emotional—moral development of the learner. Once there, observe the home set-up. She is not stubborn anyway and she really follows the rules. What do they discuss? He is not the sameas the low achievers learners. Do you have rules for him to follow regarding going out?

And giving the full attention to the learner can help them to feel that they are secure and feel that they are important to their parents. Poem, song or a rap 4. The Learner’s Development and Environment Episode 6. Findings In my findings about the child, I learned that he is taken care very good even though his parents separated, his mother stand as the provider of the family. He is good in the subjects, Math and English. As part of an educational institution in the future, I can develop programs to promote effective home-school- partnerships that support positive academic, behavioral and social competencies for all students in my school.

He learned to walk at the age of eleven 11 moths old which is just the average. The learner is self-motivated in his studies. Accomplish the checklist as you move around the school premises. How do the school campus and the classroom in particular impact on the learning of the students going to school?

And I do not feel any deprivation of social life.


Field Study: FS 1 Episode 6

If yes, what are these effects? Only fever and no serious health problem encounter.

Successfully reported this slideshow. What fw1 these rules? In my interview and observation, I gained competence in identifying and describing the influencing factor in home environment that have an impact to students learning.

Except for my child who is in college. Also they play a great role to develop my personality to become a good one, they teach me in a right way.


He learns fast and participates actively during class activities. Teachers, staffs and other school personnel are working. A good understanding of the activities and tasks to be accomplished in the activity sheets will yield better learning results.

By this, she will episoce guided of her behaviors because what she learns in school is she can apply it to her home and also what she learned from home, she applies it to school like the morals and values her parents taught her. He shows enthusiasm and excitement t his every works and tasks. Through the good guidance of the teacher and parents, the learner can be responsible and humble one.

And was able to finish a course that he wants in college. Villarente March 16, at 7: He is so sociable and friendly. As the child goes to stud from pre-school until college, hespends much time in school rather than at home.


But as he grew older he learned to be with friends as his playmates and buddies. And he has a higher self esteem. So that he will not be portfklio.

Warmth and nurturance is exhibited by his parents. He is given only things that he want and not too much to the point that its uselessalready. Does the communication between the home-school have an effect on the learner? Newer Post Older Post Home. How do you provide a nurture environment for your child? At present he prefer to eatfish and vegetables. I will let them to know my rules and regulation inside the class, and everything regarding to their performances. As a future teacher, how would you establish good home-school collaboration?

Once there, observe the home set-up. But eventually it is necessary for me to talk about the child. How do you provide a nurturing environment for your child? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here However, school plays a vital role in molding the child. Emotional-MoralWhat are your expectations of your child?

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