Even though the song already exists as canon in the VicTORious universe i. Louie Sebert as Kid. Her sexual experiences are with Robbie alone, not with the demon puppet. He did not take to it kindly, and staged a situation that all three guys would vie for her attention. But they must continue the class unless they want to fail the semester. Beck Oliver Daniella Monet They give Jade the chance instead, when Mason recalls her from her audition which he approved of, and she accepts.

After eating gross seafood, Tori and Beck have to take Beck’s aunt’s dog to the vet. Annoyed with them bugging her, she finally picks Andre, Beck, and Robbie. The show’s producer, Mason Thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity. This page was last edited on 31 December , at A random picture from TheSlap. She gives Robbie a kiss on the cheek then excitedly rushes away. Later, Tori goes to meet Jade at the Boomerang Theatre to support her upcoming performance. Ponnie, however, keeps disappearing around everyone else, making the Hollywood Arts students think that Tori is losing her mind.

The secondary plot of this episode features Cat accidentally waxing Jade’s eyebrows off and Jade chasing Cat around, trying to get back at her. Now they are ragging on poor Robbie. Meanwhile, a new app on the Pear Pad which shows satellite images displays a picture of Hollywood Arts, and Jade is in that picture looking like she is picking her nose when she was really scratching it.

Meanwhile, Cat starts stage make-up classes and cannot find anyone to put her make-up skills on, so Tori agrees to allow Cat to do so with her. Beck, Andre, and Robbie are hosting a fundraiser at Karaoke Dokie to get a new guys’ bathroom at Hollywood Arts, and the girls are supposed to help them.


Driving Tori Crazy

Her friends at school are shocked by it, and it becomes a problem for Tori when everyone believes she is letting the fame get to her head. Jade takes her teammates and Tori is left to play with Trina, Sinjin, and Cat. They even stage a fight. In Season 2 Episode 1, Robbie asked Tori how to ask girls out without having to bribe them with money, or get sprayed with mace.

She doesn’t like getting chased by boys, as seen several times with Robbie. In Season 1 Episode 3, Robbie and Trina had to kiss for tace audition for a play. It’s a dance party, and Rex is really making his moves.

The show’s producer, Mason Thornesmith, and his team want to re-invent her look and personality for publicity. Andre gets distracted by his demented grandmother, and Beck gets distracted by his girlfriend Jade.

A daily dose of what? Cat doesn’t mind as much, because she is not sexually attracted to him. On opening night, Trina’s harness breaks and she falls, and the set crashes down on her. He tells her that he is only dating her because her dad is a famous record ifngaz.

Meanwhile, Jade complains that she is hungry and Cat walks through the laser beams to get her a sandwich but accidentally sets off the alarm. Tori and her friends are booked to perform at a little kid’s birthday party tne a favor for Sikowitz’s friend. Webarchive template wayback links Use mdy dates from August Tori worries she will forget the lyrics when she is invited to sing the National Anthem at a televised basketball game.

Principal Eikner resigns thr principal of Hollywood Arts. Once the police arrive and apprehend Ponnie, Sikowitz recognizes her and says that she got kicked out because she was crazy — she stole things, kept weird stuff in her backpack, and called people “Debbie”.


Trina wins the argument, and Cat storms off angrily. However, Cat accidentally tells Jade about this and Jade gets upset. Trina brags being on a Mexican television show called “Divertisimo”. Andre did not write it for Torithe song is written for the show with each character in mind. In the end of the play, Trina and Cat arrive with the remover in time for Tori to do the finale of the play with her normal face and the writer gives the play a good review.

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Tori needs to find the perfect gift for Trina’s birthday. Beck takes charge, providing his love for Tori. Use the HTML below. She runs away at lunchtime, stays away from class, gives Tori a creepy doll that resembles her, and impersonates a Chinese food delivery lady.

Elsewhere, Cat and Robbie embark on a business venture in which they tell people negative news by singing to them in an upbeat manner. Tori Vega Victoria Justice gets the chance of a lifetime to attend Hollywood Arts, an elite performing arts school after taking her older sister Trina’s Daniella Monet place in her school’s big showcase. Also, Andre gets the chance of a lifetime when he gets a call from a fice producer he met who says he is interested in signing him to a record deal.

Retrieved from ” https: As a result, Tori, Andre, Robbie, and Cat have decided to hang out without them. Tori has to date the doctor’s loser son, Lendal, but Tori tricks Trina into doing it.

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