He was Head of this Department from to His research interests cover areas such as macro consumer behaviour, postmodern culture, consumer culture theory and cultural globalistion. Her recent relevant publications include: His main areas of research include the history of early Islam, Shiites during the Saljuqs, and the Shiite clerical institution. He studied anthropology, geography and physics. She has published in excess of forty scientific works including three monographs and participated in more than ten international conferences. As resident in Iran, or through yearly research trips to Iran since , Dr Hourcade has conducted research in social, cultural and political geography of Iran, and on urban Iranian societies in collaboration with Iranian scholars and public Iranian institutions.

She has been trained as a teacher in social science. In she was research assistant at the project ‘Female names in Indo-European’ at the University of Zurich. The Iranian Constitutional Revolution ‘ in B. A Comparative Historiographical Approach’ in L. His research concentrates on the relationship of medieval poetry to figurative manuscript paintings from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. His research interests deal with modern Iranian history, especially on women’s issues, socio-cultural institutions in the Qajar and Pahlavi eras and political transformation.

She was instrumental in the formation of the Alliance for Defense of Human Rights in Iran and was the editor of its bi-weekly newsletter.

Her work on this collection is almost finished and the next stage of the project will be to compile and publish them. Her research interests focus on aspects of modernisation in the early Pahlavi period with a dissertation topic on press politics under Reza Shah. Her major research interests are the history and intellectual history of the Middle East, mainly Iran and the Ottoman Empire including the Arab provinces in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


She has been trained as a teacher in fillm science. Since the Revolution his research has focused on Western relations with Fiom during the twentieth century, particularly the role of American missionaries, the American government and the British government in the emergence of modern Iran.

She has since been active in various capacities with several professional NGOs, and has acted as a consultant for community development issues with relevant organisations, especially in the almanni of environment and sustainable development.

His Research interests focus on Avestan and old Persian philology, Indo-Iranian comparative linguistics, Indo-European studies, especially word formation, comparative syntax, stylistics, and rhetoric; language of Indo-Iranian poetry.

He also teaches statistics and research methods. Dr Sharma has also published a number of scholarly articles and literary translations.

yya His theoretical and empirical research focuses on the political economy of development, particularly the issues concerning economic policy in the Middle East. He has presented at conferences on the following topics: His field of specialty is Monetary Economics and Economic Development. She is writing her dissertation on the ways in which migrants from Iran in the Indian Ocean negotiated parochial differences during the 18thth centuries. Her research interests are the history of the Iranian Jewry in the 19th and 20th century as well as Iranian history.

A selective list of his sixty publications includes: Persia and the Persian Question revisited’ in Homa Katouzian ed.


He settled later in the United Kingdom, working as a consulting engineer and studying the history of cartography in his free time. He received his PhD in Geography Paris, His novels have been published in dozens of languages including, most recently, Persian.

As resident in Iran, or through yearly research trips to Iran sinceDr Hourcade has conducted research in social, cultural and political geography of Iran, and on urban Iranian societies in collaboration with Iranian scholars and public Iranian institutions. His current research interests include political participation, politics of identity, and political communications.


She recently returned from a six-month research trip to Hyderabad, India, where she spent time with and explored the Shiite women’s community and their rituals during the commemorative time of Muharram. He studied architecture at the University of Tehran’s Faculty of Fine Arts between andwhen he obtained his Masters degree.

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Her research focuses on Persian cultural history: Harris Chair in Economics, Denison University. Among his publications are: Prior folm that she was a research associate at the National Gallery of Art and senior architectural historian at the Smithsonian Institution; and as Director of architectural education at the Aga Khan Trust for Culture in Switzerland, she developed fil blueprint for improving architectural education in the Muslim world.

Her research interests are in women’s studies, Black and Third World feminisms and post-colonial theory. He teaches sociology of religion, ideology, revolution, Islam and the Middle East. He also collects old maps of Persia and owns perhaps the largest personal collection of such maps.

He participated at the excavations of the sites of Uch Kulakh region of BukharaUzbekistan Fall His research interests are related to the intellectual history of Iran in the Islamic period. donja

Late Classical Persianate Sufism: She is also working on a digital library project researching Persian manuscripts. A Comparative Historiographical Approach’ in L. Her area of specialty is comparative politics.

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