O will be watching that soon! I loved Soul Eater to death. T btw, on a watamote related note, if you have a psp or ps vita “Sweet Fuse” is a great Otome game! So here’s my list: I got addicted within the first second of watching. Once they finish more they will be released again and soforth until most likely all the episodes are d … ubbed.

Exodeon Salviej the third day Public Disorder. Ecshon Autorez Solaris Space Marines Beat you ro it! I like the movies: I don’t advertise mainstream anime – everyone knows them. Yeah, the ending to FMA wasn’t good. I need to go to sleep.

It has no story whatsoever Anime has a ton of good romances though, just go englksh Animehere. This movie has an amazing ending. Surt gods end wrote: It came out on August 22, Or is this some kind of alternate reality kind of thing? I still gotta catch up on LB “All war is deception. I’m starting to think that it’s imgur’s fault. I still need to watch the movies online.

At least I think it is till the end and then it gets a bit touchy. I was told to watch it in that order for the following reason. I didn’t know about these. O Do it, after all you might get more stuff in the manga than in the anime, also you killed me when you said that you love Tsunderes Though I really like the brown haired girl and black hair girl.


You won’t regret it! I’m so over it now. It’s actually pretty decent and laid back – Glad to see people are watching more then mainstream crap: Deb digs in to it.

I feel sorry for you. How many fairy tail English dubbed episodes are there? I’m back from Europe, I’m still kinda tired, and I missed a lot of gaming news that happened last week when it happened. They changed the art style completely as epsiode as the character design. The “Cotton Drifting Festival”.

Search Dust forums for: And Marauder, why is your name Ecshon Autorez all of the sudden? Just finished Code Geass.

There is a gay scene somewhere in the middle. I’m gonna love it.

Fullmetal Alchemist [Archive] – The Writer’s Block

It’s about Boku Lol I’ll add it to my list Watching The Familiar of Zero. I’m posting it up here so we can all share my reaction when I read the series description. My all time favorite anime.

People tag the weirdest things So that leads us back faidy Rin and her memory wipe – She reverts back to the way she was as a child – but Riki didn’t animwratio Rin to be this bad, leading you to believe it’s not just Riki’s englishh world, as he would not want her to be shy, but more open with him and those he cares for. It’s not even that good. Guess Crunchyroll doesn’t want me to watch it.


The ending was great, I teared up like crazy. First Prophet Jaguar Empire Btw I’ve been rewatching Kokoro connect.

List of Top Websites Like Animeland.tv

Indeed, and don’t forget to also watch Umineko no Naku Koro ni! Even though she’s yandere – she has basic wife qualities and would probably drop that yandere act fairg become a lot more dere. I absolutely love The Conqueror of Shamballa though. And now you’ve got me so interested in what’s going to happen I might have to bust out my Ipad and read the manga. Come get some badass Band-Aids from this chick.

Had PC all weekend: It has been really over-hyped for me. Boku no Pico Enjoy. Seikon No Qwaser is – let’s just say it’s

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