Then again, the JVC and Sony were also exceedingly quiet in their home-theater settings, so I don’t consider this a significant advantage for the Epson. I just hope projector manufacturers continue to improve the native contrast performance of their chips so that they fill these gaps over time. Interestingly however, you can get those levels back by raising brightness and lowering contrast. Fortunately I could detect no reduction in resolution or sharpness. Rogue Nation BD, a movie that’s filled with dark, complexly lit scenes. This reflective configuration puts the electrical connections driving the pixels behind that reflective layer.

Epson has long been the market leader in LCD-based projectors and actually supplies the LCD panels used in many other projector brands. I was pleased to see that with or without the auto-iris, blacks were true and deep with every nuance present and no trace of muddiness. The setup menu lets you choose between five levels of Super Resolution or five levels of 4K Enhancement–or to turn off the feature altogether if you don’t like its sharpening effects and just want a straight-up p image. Within the darkest demo scenes from Gravity, Mission Impossible: For smaller screen sizes, you can switch the lamp to Eco mode, choose one of the less bright image presets, or both. Contrast tests are done with a Spectracal C6 tri-stimulus meter positioned at the lens axis and measuring from the screen at a foot throw distance. The 3D Cinema and 3D THX picture modes render a respectably bright image in a completely dark room; however, if you want to watch 3D with any ambient light in the room, you’ll probably want to use the 3D Dynamic picture mode instead.

That said, the LS has two limitations that grow out of its 4K being an enhancement rather than a native resolution. Lasers are such tightly-focused light sources that even the tiniest variation in output will be visible when that light is thrown onto a large surface.


Detail, color and contrast are extremely clean thanks to the digital capture but I did see a few occasions of softness due to ghosting. Using lasers also gives the projector an extraordinary contrast ratio, with 0 lumens for black. The Jimi Hendrix Experience: And I never saw any crosstalk artifacts.

Manual overrides are available via a flip-out panel on the side if you can make it past the exterior defenses. This aperture looks to be more for adjusting the amount of light you see on the screen than for fixing contrast, but it offered a modest improvement and brought this result up to almost 29, As part of my tests, I set up a screen with a inch image measured diagonally next to a inch p TV, with both connected to the same image source through a splitter.

So, how does this unique Epson projector perform? For more information, see TechRadar’s Reviews Guarantee.

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Either one could be a suitable stand-in while you’re waiting for 4K prices to drop. Turning power consumption up to high increases the white level to The same is true if you opt to stay in true p mode and just use Super Resolution: In pri signal menu there are a couple of options that should be addressed during installation.

How to purchase an open reel tape deck and what to do with it once you have one. In most other areas, including color accuracy, video processing and 3D picture quality, it’s top-notch, albeit a half-step behind the more expensive, true 4K Sony. It allowed me to achieve one of my best l1s0000 to date. Contrast wins the day again when you watch this film and accurate color is a must to experience its full potential.

Epson Pro Cinema LS10000 4K Enhancement Projector

Also included is a VGA port which is something more commonly-seen on boardroom models. There are no visible errors in either the white point or the luminance levels. The contrast also looked great, with clearly defined grays fading into deep blacks.


To increase output, Epson uses two lasers; one for red and green and one for blue. First, it’s limited to p for 3D, and, second, it doesn’t have the processing power to turn on all the video enhancements you might want to use together at the same time.

Setup and Brightness Epson rates the LS at 1, lumens for both white brightness and color brightness.

Gamma is pretty much unchanged. For smaller screen sizes, you can switch the lamp to Eco mode, choose one of the less bright image presets, or both. Working with the two-point grayscale controls yielded excellent grayscale tracking. To prevent this, the lasers are aimed at a phosphor wheel. Setup and Features When I saw the size of the box that the LS arrived in, I knew instantly that this is a different animal than previous Epson designs.

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS review: Laser projector shoots a frickin’ fabulous image – CNET

Ultra HD TV sets have proven to not only look sharper, but also produce a more vivid and lifelike picture with improved color and contrast. Vizio and TCL are going head-to-head to deliver the best picture quality for the money Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The Nun — Blu-ray Movie Review.

In addition to discrete keys for each input, you get buttons with direct access to important functions like Dynamic Contrast, Super Resolution 4K, lens memories, picture modes and others.

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