He spends the rest of the ride rolling his eyes at a passed out Jin-hee, whom he watches in the rear view mirror. Have a blessed day and enjoy. I could stare at Choi Jin-hyuk’s loveliness all day, and that voice! He asks to talk with her, but she ignores him and stalks off. I actually watched this with someone who needs CPR certification for her teaching job, and she said the same thing. I hope this drama will get better for the next one.

He finds her dancing with a partner in a ballroom dance studio. Funny that people are saying that they dont like his voice, because I use to feel the same way. I am surprised they did not play Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing instead of Ellis Goulding and have the subs go “bow wow chicka bow wow”. Oh gosh what a dream it would be if Jin Hee and Chief were together: And a scene like that calls for a KISS! But also, something happened during residency and a patient died. I was stalking your site, yooneunhye. I read a scientifically proven article that girls with perky voices go for guys with deep voices, And girls with husky voices go for guys with forgot the word but undeep voices hehe.

Anyway, now I came back to read the full length recap after having watched the subbed version and loved it: To all the Dramabeans staff: Great ep, CM is so hot and so cute being jealous.

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Couple of questions to my friends here 1. I enjoy watching OCM be jealous: And I guess, the open thread is a good venue to talk about the drama…good or bad, the opinions of viewers are welcomed there…. You can wallow in it YJ. She got into the mess because of him.


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That is a though one!! He takes her hand and makes her promise to discuss things with him. DramaQueen February 23, at Off topic, but is anyone else getting wormed repeatedly by the video ads on this site? Thank you for the recaps. It’s obvious she has no idea how horrible it was for him. Thats all I see. She’s not a bad person and Chun-soo does seem to have some feelings for her, so they’ll probably end up a happy couple.

Yoon Joo confesses that what she wanted to tell Ah Jung was for her to get away from her man. What does Jedi Mean?

Remember that scene when she was in her car at the stop light and she sees SangHee passing by? Chang-min’s mom needs a smaller presence. But guh, I dont want aunt to emergenct and cock block for Ah Jung. Even if her motivation at getting elisode government post was due to Ccouple, she seems to have grown to love her job, she has so much pride in her work and she really excels.

Thank you for lighten up my day. She thinks Ki Joon is so strange to her. It may seem like an insignificant cause for comparison but I like the dynamics it brings to the table. But also, something happened during residency and a patient died. Ah-reum asks Chang-min whether they should take on the weekend shifts together, which garners sidelong glances from Jin-hee and Yong-gyu. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Are you worried that I was uncomfortable sleeping here, or are you worried that someone will see and misunderstand?

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ChunSoo is the most senior resident. TvN merupakan salah satu channel televisi Korea Selatan yang He asks to talk with her, but she ignores him and stalks off.


No Yoon Joo, a man who needs comfort gets a prostitute, not a new girlfriend. They are at an impasse, but at least they are not denying their feelings at all. Is there only one episode per week from now on?

Totally agree, they both have a lot to lose, but they have a lot to gain too, so lets see what the next episodes unfolds! And also it makes people to get more excited and get more interested to Episide to me. Episode 4 by Regals.

But I don’t think it’s quite fair to think old! I agree that they were both hurt after their marriage. He tries to get an answer out of an unresponsive Jin-hee, but in his efforts to wake her, he accidentally sticks that big wad of chewed gum into emerbency hair. She threatens to tell Ah-reum about their marriage, because: Once again, Thank you. So — at the end of 3 years — both brothers have matured and moved on and only YJ is stuck in the past based on her hope.

I am still really curious.

High for this – Ellie Goulding. I can’t connect with ChangMin either. I wish it was in the recap, but maybe I laugh at all the wrong things.

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So Ran leaves early to give Ah Jung the ring she bought for her. Why you ask me what you can do with a girl?

I wish this relationship was possible, but of course, I knew it was going to sink.

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