I use this pc for my work too, so for myself first and for everyone im pretty fixed with this kind of thing and I can assure u with a simple antivirus and adblock u have zero problems. Anonymous 11 August at Asami is ready for u again I might be confuse Agghhhhhh I will try my best! Roby85m 22 May at Plezz check it out..!! Anonymous 27 October at

Sadly we r never going to use YT again cz we as youtubers got no protection from attackers n reuploaders. Thanks for ur support till now, but I hardly can think that u had to buy a new pc due my videos But I still need to improve that, before using it for the main blog! If I will have the possibility this is what I wish to do! Fumi likes being the top and I personally think he makes a great seme. You just click on the link I sent, and off to the right under my name there will be a “follow” button, and you click that to become one of my followers, and I’ll get the notification, and follow you back. I’m basically already doing what you think it should be the right way! They weren’t completely one dimensional.

Sorry for make so many suggestion One the one hand, I liked that both guys could be nice wlektel mean or possessive or attracted to each other or clever or stupid or a range of other things. I think but I may be wrong, that the manga is marked still as ongoing right? I was only testing my new ideas I enjoyed the couple and liked the fact that they have been friends for a slektel long time. It’s only that this way you could focus on undone ones!


Hima na Node Hajimete Mimasu.

If u finsa different info can u please tell me the source? Can you OK Bye Bye!. I really love the novels too. The friend is no better: Remember when u told me there was a friend of cr that was editing Viewfinder? Thank you for your reply. Plezz check it out.!! Thanks for your request!

It need some time to reup cz it had more than 30 tracks in it Anonymous 5 January at It all comes down to preference. I wanted to ask, do you take request? I love love this manga!

Скачать elektel delusion drama cd manga vol 1 chapter 3 2 – смотреть онлайн

Spoiler mouse over to view. I will do my best. When you have the time please start on this one!

I mean it’s not even that bad, but it’s so overrated and nobody seems to have the problem with the characters that I do. Ahahah happy to know u liked it!

elektel delusion drama cd manga vol 1 chapter 3 2

A reupload This series is not mine, the translation is not mine The video is mine. Yeah u are right! Li-chan 21 December at Anonymous 13 October at Keep them coming, I want to see them married lol Roby85m 5 August at I find it distasteful. Sorry, as u may have noticed that project wasnt edited by me, the videomaker is Drzma


Vellichor 14 8 months ago. Anonymous 5 March at Thanks alot for make this request!

Elektel delusion volume 1 download

Will do it soon! Thy are in releasing order You know what they say, better school better work better life not always like that, but yeah this is what we all do! It’s deljsion bad tbh but having read the other works of this authors makes this one pretty meh. Now, about your suggestion, you basically suggest to sort the project basing the date of releasing right? ME will need more of them cz I always had trouble when I need to decide on a new project. Katekyo will delysion soon!

Once again thank you for the amazing work! Anonymous 19 January at I know students have it hard! What are people talking about?

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