Insert it between the insulating plate and the floor. Figure 4—20 Cabinets combined by the connecting plate 4. The busbar of the DDF must be connected reliably to the protection-grounding bar to avoid oxide corrosion. The insertion depth is mm. ODF row, numbered from A to Z. Absorb the acid fluid and neutralize it when there is any acid fluid leakage. Minor injury may occur. Cabinet number or the power socket position.

Table 2—1 is the checklist for the installation environment. Figure 4—13 shows how to fix the support to the ground. In this case, only Area 2 of the label shall be filled in. This will severely affect the service life of the batteries. When writing with a biro, do not to leave any oil on the label. Installation Install the air conditioner in the suitable place so that its air is not position of the directed to the equipment. Only the row and column numbers of the power distribution cabinet are needed, instead of specific serial number of the terminals on the copper bar.

Position of the terminal device. Table Checklist for plugs and sockets Item Description Record l The lockers of cable plugs are firmly buckled Plug and coaxial cable plugs are tightly fastened.

If the validity period usually two years of the wrist strap expires or the resistance value does not fulfill the requirement, use a new ESD wrist strap. Meaning of the Label Table C—8 shows the information on the labels for the subscriber cable. After the labels are printed on the ordinary blank paper, proceed as follows: This will severely affect the service life of the batteries.

Figure C—11 Example of the label on the optical fiber between two cabinets “AR” indicates that the local end of the optical fiber is connected with the optical receiving interface 05 on slot 05, shelf 01 in the cabinet in row A, column Figure C—1 shows the label for the signal cable. Archive these photos and store the unpacked cases and materials. Procedure 1 To mark reference lines according to the construction plan drawing, proceed as follows: If two cabinets are installed back to back, the cabinet front must be specified, so the numbering method MNO is used.


Every effort has been made in the preparation of this manual to ensure accuracy of the contents, but all statements, information, and recommendations in this manual do not constitute the warranty of any kind, express or implied. The slots are numbered shelf.

Connect optical fibers to the ODF after they come out of the cabinet. Have the huqwei laid stably huawri horizontally. Home Contact Us Products. Ground the static electricity conductive floor material or raise floor so that the static electricity can be conducted.

Keep the equipment room in the positive pressure state lest the corrosive gases enter the equipment room and erode components and circuit boards.

The labels for DC power cables are affixed to one side of the identification plate on the cable tie. Hence the equipment room should have an external MDF.

Figure 3—6 shows how to install the expansion bolt.

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All cables are bound properly without any damage on the skin. Chapter 8 Installing the Power Supply System shows how to install the power supply system. Application The labels for network cables are affixed on the network cables for the cards, the network cables connecting HUB to server, and the network cables connecting agent to Value Added Service VAS device. Example of the Label Figure C—15 shows the label on the subscriber cable.

Figure 5—1 shows the outline of the dripping-proof cover.

C-9 Figure C—8 Text parts on the label for signal cables Procedure 1 To mark reference lines based on the construction plan drawing, proceed as follows: Cabinet number cabinet in row B. Service shelf specifications The service shelf is front accessible. After the cable ties are bundled onto the cable, the identification plates with the labels shall face upward. Figure 6—19 shows the installation of the end cover and the trough rim.

Appendix C Cable Labels describes the regulations on cable labels. The cabinet package includes wooden panels, steel edges, tongues, and foam plates. Using the Cabling Ladder When there is no support on the top of the cabinet, use the cabling ladders over the cabinet. One service shelf can be equipped with two control boards. The backup time for the battery in case of long-time power cut-off or no mains supply is 20—24 hours.


Contact Supplier Start Order. Figure C—15 Example of the label for the subscriber cable “A” indicates that local end of the subscriber cable is connected with Terminal 01 on slot 01, shelf 03 of the cabinet in row A, column The grounding resistance of the grounding system is recommended to be less than 10 ohms, and the equipment grounding must be in accordance with national and local electrical codes as well.


In this way, you can decide the type and size of the conducting wire. To avoid oxide corrosion, connect the MDF grounding busbar properly to the protection grounding bar. If it is difficult to upgrade the reliability of the DC power supply system in smqrtax offices, increase the storage battery capacity properly. The rest of the slots in the service shelf can accommodate any of the service boards.

Procedure To mount the cabling ladder to the wall, proceed as follows: The room must have surge protection devices, such as lightning proof Lightning proof rod or lightning proof strip.

Table 2—1 is the checklist for the installation huawi. Place the power equipment near the telecom equipment to make the DC feeder as short as possible. A fault or a considerable impairment smartx operation may occur. Do not set the fire hydrant in the equipment room, but in the corridor or near the staircase.

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The jointing between the climbing ladder and the cabling ladder falls into three types: When the green LED turns on, the lightning arrester is working normally. To open a carton, do as follows: The slots are numbered from shelf.

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