You are commenting using your WordPress. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Zara sees them together and asks Nighat about it. The Hairstyling and change shirt.. Manzar decides to tell her the truth. Soon a rift are created between Zara and Aunn’s family, as result of which Aunn and Zara shift to another house.

Notify me of new comments via email. Waiting for next Thrusday already. I am glad Hina took up this role. Jamshed apologizes to Nighat for his behaviour, who asks that he take her shopping. In the mean time, Nighat tells Zara that they know what Aunn did to create distances between them. However, I definitely agree that there was a lack of character development and even character believability. But isnt it so interesting that even as Aunn complains so much about his father-in-law he still goes to visit him and wilingly spends time with him.

Hi SZ, Your review was spot on! Loved your eplsode superb as always. And of course, lo and behold, Fawad Khan, the saving grace of the mother and daughter pair — which was a little too cookie cutter-like for me.

Zara Si Bhool OST Drama on TVOne – video dailymotion

Aunn apologizes to Zara. I find it funnystrangely some of other reviews I read where people found the serial vulgarwhich I find strange ….


The shows ended its run in India on 12 July This article needs additional citations for verification. Nighat then tells them every thing that has anun and how it was Aunn’s fault. For me them two should get the JODI award!!!

Zara Si Bhool OST Drama on TVOne

Retrieved July 31, Sensing that Aunn is angry at this, Zara allows Aunn to drive the car. Aun and Manzar,s scenes are always the highlight of each episodeManzar is full on chichora and Aun is kaafi zanani. I actually found Behad very refreshing in terms of casting NJ was amazing! Jamshed arrives to fulfill a wedding custom where the newly married couple has xunn spend two days in the bride’s home. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Zara learns that she is pregnant. SZ sheema Must recommend it to my sis-in law.

Zara tells him that he has to confess the same to this family. Baat ki gehrai main jaa…. Nighat sees Aunn in a restaurant with another woman, and thinks that he is having an affair. Husna agrees on the condition that Zara drive the dramx.


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I am in total aww of Nasreen Quraishee… Fantastic! This page was last edited on 18 Januaryat What are you watching these days?

Aunn’s friend Manzar loves Zara’s friend Shehna. Aunn invites her to a restaurant to send about Manzar’s proposal. They decide to teach Aunn a lesson. In the mean time, Nighat tells Zara that they know what Aunn did to create distances between them. Your review was spot on!

Im a huge NJ serizl so I watched this one for her and she did not disappoint for even a second.

Notify me of new posts via email. Aunn’s aunt Epixode finds photo of Aunn with Zara in his room. Retrieved July 11, Aunn’s family gets excited, but they fear that Zara might want to keep them away from the baby.

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