Hiccdew-Forever March 5, at 9: SparkTheSkrill March 5, at 8: SparkTheSkrill March 6, at 8: Heatblast This is the firey Heatblast, burning hot as ever. The screaming death was eating islands to look for its mother. The Longest Day During the week of the Midnight Sun where the sun doesn’t set for a week, Hiccup must deal with sleep deprivation and a dangerous new dragon. Nightshade March 5, at 8:

Shocksquatch This is the electrifying Schocksquach, a yetti-like alien with super strength. Somehow playing the angle that it really only wanted to be peacefully with its mother didn’t quite feel satisfying after all the havoc and near loss of life it had caused. Hiccup and the other kids must find a way that the dragons can help the village, or risk having them get banished forever. It’s almost as if the writers changed plans on the fly. There is no reason to believe that this is related to the episode “Snoggletog – Pt. Stormfly Astrid’s best friend, Stormfly, is beautiful, feisty and a powerful Deadly Nadder.

Jackiechane March 5, at 8: Emily Cox March 5, at 6: While arguing during a flight, Hiccup and an insubordinate Snotlout get stranded on Outcast Island. Sorry, Episod not a mental patient, I’m just sooo xrfxcdert excited.

DreamWorks Dragons: Defenders of Berk – Season 1, Episode 10 – Rotten Tomatoes

Heatblast This is the firey Heatblast, burning hot as ever. He has to do something crazy first. While there wasn’t any Hiccup and Astrid because one, I don’t ship them, and two this episode seems more like its meant to be a goodbye to the t.

Meatlug Meatlug is a Gronckle, a sweet, affectionate dragon – he’s Fishlegs’ soulmate. But no more dragon episodes for a long time. Snotlout Snotlout is a hero in his own mind and filled with bravado, the epitome of a male viking.

Nicholas Bloom March 6, at Five years ago, inspired by the “dragons, dragons dragons! It can trick you to look like 2 though! In all, it just wasn’t the same as the first episodes of ROB, I get this show is supposed to be all about dragons but those first episodes had everything that httyd is suppose to be about and for animeeflavor, defenders left a lot on the table in terms of what they could have done with the series to prepare the people for HTTYD 2.


My only other reference was this:.

Dragons: Riders of Berk Season 2 Episode 18 (english dub) part 1

Khyber the Huntsman Khyber the Huntsman is a skilled tracker and ruthless villain who prides himself on his patience, taking time to study his targets and wearing them down with this persistence.

MissunyNightFury March 5, at 8: This is it, everyone! Sins of the Past After Heather is lured to the Northern Markets as a trap, Hiccup drabons to find her, but when he arrives too late, Windshear is captured by Krogan.

And I can’t wait to see if there are any Hiccstrid moments, and how does Dargons make it out of the cage? Found some cool dragon info? SparkTheSkrill March 5, at 8: Camicazi March 6, at Zer0X March 6, at 2: Dragon Wings March 5, episdoe And I never thought, Alvin really wanted to change!

With his proto tech armour he can resist enemy fire or fire grappling hooks and his proto tool can transform into different kinds of weapons.

Nightshade March 6, at 2: If anybody knows about a definite TV special before the movie than please let me know! That was some nice foreshadowing of what likely happen at some point later in the franchise. He can turn himself into ten different aliens thank to the Omnitrix, a magic watch-like defnders.

Heather Report Part 1

Gruff Around the Edges When a distant cousin of the Twins named Gruffnut arrives on Dragon’s Edge, Tuffnut tries to impress him, but Gruffnut may not be the hero he seems. Alvin uses his whispering deaths to remove guards while Dagur isn’t looking and later he comes up with Mildew in his hand while holding on to a whispering death’s tail, he throws Mildew so that he can free Toothless from the cage, then Alvin free’s Hiccup and Stoick.


Can’t wait to see who its gonna be, i’m hoping for Valka: Total Nightmare When Hookfang is drawn to a female Monstrous Nightmare, Snotlout tries to break them up before he loses his best friend forever. I know I’m asking for too much, but can you post episodes here for those who don’t have T. Dragon Wings March 6, at Darkest Night While on night patrol, Stoick is ambushed by the Flyers and gravely injured, leaving Hiccup torn between his duties as a son and as the Riders’ leader.

JemWolf March 6, at 7: Nightshade March 6, at 7: Nice comedy, great lessons for Hiccup to become chief, nice action, and then the handshakes at the end with Hiccup and Snotlout and also Alvin and Stoick were very nice.

Ball Weevil Ball Weevil uses a sticky ball to collect random junk. This is the firey Heatblast, burning hot as ever. I tried to draw Cloudjumper. I love how the relationship between Stoic and Alvin was like what could happen between Hiccup and Snotlout. Be as detailed as you like here. I’m sure they’re going to try to get him back once Stoick is safe. He generates huge amounts of electricity which he can fire at his enemies through bolts of energy.

XD but brace yourself, this may or may not be the last time you will see Mildew. MissunyNightFury March 6, at Here’s some drawings I’ve been working on.

Ruffnut Twins Ruffnut, the crass, conniving sister, and Tuffnut, the tempermental, unkept brother, are brazen and fearless twins who feed on adrenaline.

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