I just want him to throw it. Are you wearing your equipment? Or is this Athletics? De vreo saptamana, cel putin asa spune el. Din cele mai vechi timpuri femeile au avut functia de agenti secreti. Am I just throwing this thing straight up in the air? I’ll give the kid ten gold for his trouble.

Did you throw the goat? I guess it’s a good idea. I’d say either Animal Handling or raw strength. The goat runs away and tries to hide behind the shepherd boy, who’s trying to hide behind a rock. Are you just going to capture a goat? Yanro, to the boy: That’d be a Restoration.

Nu vreau sa iasa urat.


I hate to disappoint you but c’mon c’mon is really bad: JayMoji youtube bnha mha incorrect quote Midoriya Izuku. Zach, to throw a goat, would that be an Athletics check or pure Strength?

How far did you throw the goat? Sper sa fie totul in imaginatia mea de femeie frustrata ca nu a mai facut sex de mult si crede ca iubitul ei se fute cu altele. There’s a live goat thrashing around in your arms. Iubitul meu e la botosani. One Direction c’mon c’mon take me home lyrics songs lyrics songs One Direction songs frasi quotes One Direction quotes aesthetic grunge outline dance love quotes frasi d’amore i love you amore a distanza frasi distanza citazioni frasi belle tumblr quotes fil quotes good vibes frasi vita tumblr italia ti amo frasi one direction love yourself love gif.


Are you wearing your equipment? Does animal cruelty make me evil?

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I want him to throw a goat. I’m writing this down. Yanro, to the boy: So, to pick up the goat: C’mon brain, think of things! That’s the only way we could get away with this.

There’s also a little boy with a shepherd’s crook, staring at you, because you picked his goat up. You didn’t fly fast enough to catch it.

Nu stiu cu ce dar o face. Can you make an Animal Handling Medicine check? Sper sa ma ajute corpul atunci.

I am not a regular person. He built himself a way to live and the people respond by calling him a weapon. How did it come to this? I guess it’s a good idea. I’m not actually a scientist. You are literally handling an animal.

O sa fie greu cand o sa imbatranesc si fata nu o sa ma mai ajute atat de mult cum o face acum. No, that’s just me rolling to see if this is a good idea. Make a Swim check to recover the goat before it drowns.

Evgeni Malkin ds penguins curling geno the explorer. That is way more devkratorul the goat is worth. Haideti sa nu mai consideram femeile cu bani curve.


Tell nobody we broke his goat. Lay on Hands to fix them.

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Yanro, still to the boy: The goat hits the water. I figured we were either doing devoeatorul before or after the feast. It’ll just be a little bit wet. Sper ca el sa doarma si sa nu ma minta. No, I’m gonna say you guys snuck away from the feast. Or is this Athletics?

Put a little make up on him, a wig, and a dress and he could- OH my god. You’re going to have to do more convincing than that. I do have Lesser Restoration. You restore the goat.

Cred ca ma minte Simt asta. Are you just going to capture a goat? Pentru ca barbatii cred ca femeile sunt proaste iar femeile stiu sigur ca barbatii sunt prosti. This is all my— —static—cc— —I found my coordinates.

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