The only thing Lee can salvage is a camera phone which contains a picture of someone messing with Lee’s bag during the Prank, and when Lee finds a match for the hand in the photo he will clear his name. Dick Andrews 3 episodes, Lisa Norton Biffy points out the recent evidence: Their phones are taken custody, including Radcircle’s phone, which are taken to be burnt. Lee receives a email from Radcircles telling him to meet him at the auditions for the annual school play. He decides to find Barrage to clear out his name and return to A. Lee and the three flee to the Serpent’s hideout, while the Serpent takes out Cassandra’ soldiers.

Lee is narrowly able to avert the disaster as he doesn’t want Tina to have paint dumped on her and in the process learns the email address of the prankster, Radcircles ANigmahigh. Lee intends to wake up the detention teacher and find out what happened. Before losing him on the streets, Lee puts the bugging device on the member, so Biffy, who is now at Kimmie’s house, can track him down. Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off. Nigma high that will unquestionably frame Lee, but it’s discovered too late that this is a distraction for the group to steal Barrage’s leg and plant it in Lee’s locker. They help the students escape to the library but Lee is caught. Cam stops all the Wurst clones, but blue Tazes arrive and the Red Taz shows up to stop them.


Tina agrees right before Lee arrives and privately confesses to her. Lee tells Tina to pick up Jenny while he goes after the Serpent.

The episode ends with Biffy hypothesizing all the teachers may be clones. A fight between the Hazmats and the robots causes Tina to become crystallized. However Lee has more pressing matters to attend to, he must deal with the 15th Graders or else they will daunt him for the rest of his high school life.

Barrage objects to the Wurst clones’ doings, who respond by crystallizing him. On the way to the airport, he is abducted by a Hazmat and escapes with the help of the Tatzelwurm. Lee is able to hitch-hike his way back to school in time to be dismissed by Barrage. Biffy and Holger escape the hideout and help Lee escape by re-entering via The Serpent’s casino.

Meanwhile, at the Save the Rainforest Dance, Brad pulls off the second prank so he can be a hero instead of Lee, only for Lee to get blamed, expelled and have his mother send him to Alaska.


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After touching one of them and turning him to dust, activating an alarm, they climb back out. Victoria tells Lee to frame Barrage so that people think he’s evil. They find two council members preparing to implant a memory chip to find out where the key is. The group are blackmailed into giving up their roles in the school but Brandy notices a fingerprint on one of the notes.

Brandy agrees but Holger, trying make Brandy’s place unsuitable for a party, makes all the robo-babies’ eyes flash red and vomit goo, causing everyone to go home.

Nigma left a srason for Finnwich that told him to rip out a page from the book that revealed that detentionaore were foreseeing “the end of the world”. Lee’s cell phone containing the Prank Song is stolen by the Tazelwurm. At home Lee tries to confront Camillio with the information but is interrupted. Lee Ping 27 episodes, Krystal Meadows Nigma high that will unquestionably frame Lee, but it’s discovered too late that this is a distraction for the group to steal Barrage’s leg and plant it in Lee’s locker.

Biffy and Lee trigger the door to the clone room, however Barrage arrives at the lounge with the captured teachers. Biffy sees his parents and goes after them. Biffy, Cam and Holger fight over who gets to have the second key. Lee is able to call in Zed to distract the clerk while Holger sneaks in and steals the store’s security footage. In a side plot Lee discovers that the Deteentionaire planted swason key like device inside his bag which proves vital in the group’s survival, and it’s discovered that not only did a trio of environmentalists release the detentionaiire at the school and trigger the melt down but they also released them during the Prank, though they aren’t connected to the others in the conspiracy.

After two chances, Lee fails to escape the detention room and his punishment is permanent.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Biffy is called by Kimmie to go to her house, only to find that Cassandra going out on a “vacation” with Kimmie, and Biffy is kidnapped by her soldiers. Lee and the gang sneak into the submarine by letting Cam distract the Hazmats, but accidentally breaks his phone when Brandy calls him, and the submarine takes off.

The popular kids meanwhile are trying to find Chaz and destroy the footage, as it contains them doing things they don’t want the rest of the school seeing. The dance continues and Lee manages ask Tina to the dance. The schools fails to pass but is given a second chance. Everyone embraces and reconcile now that the conspiracies are over, but leaving the fate of everyone else involved Cam and Brandy, the school students, the clone teachers, the Serpent and Alfred Ping seaosn.


Now that Lee lost his key to a council member, Lee and Biffy attempt to go to the casino called, The Hydra, after school to confront him but are caught by Barrage. Tina arrives back detentionnaire the rest of the gang with Lynch, and they go see Finnwich. At the school assembly, Mr Wurst, the former principal, returns.

Unexpectedly, Vice Principal Victoria picks him up, spares him for sneaking out of detention and drives him back to detention, she tells Barrage that she let him out so he can help her carry books and tells Lee not to let it happen again.

At home, Lee finds an image of a submarine in the hard-drive. Brad is named the new Prank Master, boasting about how much better his prank was. Lee and Biffy decide to go to Brandy’s apartment building to find the teachers. Radcircles has a plan to get Lee expelled, to this end Lee is forced to send Camilio in undercover.

Cam gets Lee and Brandy to find Grayson and detentionire him in, causing Tina and Jenny to think they’re back together, but Grayson escapes. When she leaves her apartment, the Hazmats get in and scan fingerprints from Tina and Jenny’s visit to be sent to the Serpent, who proceeds to go after Mr Ping.

Lee tries to find a spot in his room to hide the key before exasperatedly saying ‘back under the bed’. Barrage gives Jenny detention for a week when Holger sewson deduces she took Lee’s bag.

Disguised as the lead character “Alexander Nigma” Lee arrives on scene and is inadvertently indocturned into the play as the lead character. Lee sneaks out of detention and goes to the mall to protect Tina in the process discovering that a bag exactly like his was purchased at the mall.

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