Remembering by blueorchid7 reviews A sequel to ‘Wishing to Forget the Past’ Tea regains her life back, but everyone remembers everything that happens. Now that she is leaving for New York to pursue her dream in dancing, he realizes that there’s something he needs to say to her first. And what happened the day Bakura was obliterated? I’ll Be Waiting reviews She’s going to be engaged, and he has nothing to do but to accept that she wasn’t his and never will be. Can Tea save the one she loves and also save herself? With students scrambling around for dates, Tea Gardner is left in the midst of it. AtemuTea Chapter 9 up!

Will she say yes, or will she turn Seto down, and marry Atem? In her lastest performence something is dicovered that reveals the obvious feelings of Lovers Yu-Gi-Oh – Rated: My Shining Light by Moonlit Reaper reviews Tea is the new student in class, but she had a hard past and because of it, she is cold and distant to anyone who talked to her. Petit Angel Girl You can never escape me. What’s gonna happen to Weevil? He leaves behind a message that she doesn’t fully understand until one fateful day years later.

Tea is about to marry Seto, but due to the fact that he has been cheating on her, she breaks the news that she has been doing the same.

No pairings, just a short, happy story with Yami and the gang celebrating Yami’s 21st birthday. Yami learns this first hand when he overhears Honda and Anzu. But what happens when the two of them find this girl?


With the help of a certain crimson-eyed spirit, maybe she can. What kind of expression will they show when they read them? With new friends and new enemies, the gang faces what will be their worst nightmares in their life. And why Seto Kaiba lent him a card?

Five years have passed since Atem and Tea were married and had their twins, but there is a woman who is infatuated with Atem and she is doing everything in her power to take Tea’s place in his heart and his life. A young man is wrongfully convicted of the death of Egypt’s king Yugi and the others are surprised and happy he’s back. Please PM me when you have anything to ask about.

Some month later, he found he loves Anzu but a drame arrived. A Vampire’s Revenge by dancers of the night reviews Yami is the last standing Vampire. Lemons and disturbing plots! Pharaohess Yami Anzu 3.

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Just a cute little story, some fluff. AtemuTea Chapter 9 up! I’m a believer of the theme “Life isn’t a fairy tale”. It wasn’t long before he realized that he loved her.

The tomb colapses and Tea is not able to escape. Being alone together may drive them to any number of places.


But what if the pharaoh who inspired her watches her FALL? All Tea and Yami fans are welcome! This is a story about the new enemy. What happens when a evil force sets his eyes on Fpisode also? Broken by CrimsonZero reviews Yet another songfic. At the age of 16 he’ll become the pharaoh and she’ll become the wife.

And the Vampires only have enough time to get it off of him. Petit Angel Girl Detevtive needs a queen, and his parents are making him choose between ignorant, poisined honey, and unconcerned.

Detecfive has written 11 stories for Yu-Gi-Oh. Stuck With You by miikochan reviews An arrogant prince Atemu and an argumentative young theif in training Teana are stuck together on a deserted island. You can never escape me.

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So light and pure. Will there love blossom? Some things are confessed as they wait for the lagging boys to catch up. Someday by Celeste reviews A Yami and Tea one-shot of a reassurance that death is never truly the end

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