Hello, Im calling from Room ….. He slowed down at once. Kripa, please ek minute ruko, mujhey tumsey baat karni hai” Kripa started walking faster: In the mornings, Kripa attended Dida’s Puja as usual but left promptly afterwards, ignoring Angad’s eyes pleading her to stay back. Merey birthday per sirf main aur Kripa tum sabkey liye perform karengey? He looked sincerely into her face! He was sprawled on his huge circular bed, sleeping on his stomach, hugging his pillow like a kid!

She gazed at his handsome figure in a dark business suit, he looked tired and worn-out, yet happy! He turned and left after a passionate look towards Kripa. I will have to convince her to wear such a dress soon …. Haan, Kripa had her excuse ready, mere college ke project ke liye Art paper aur paint ki zaroorat thi…. His greed knew no bounds…. Zaroor jaana, tumhara birthday party hai toh Kripa ko toh jaana hi padega… Gayatri was more reticent: Bahaarein phir bhi aayengin Lahore Bhagwaan kahaan hai Lahore Duniya hamare pyaar ki yoon hi jawaan rahe Lahore Ik aas badhaaye jaati hai Lahore Sun lo sajan meri baat Lahore Toote huye armaanon ki ik duniyaa basaaye Lahore Us dil ki kismat kya kahiye Lahore Wahi rota hua ek dil Lahore.

Kripa went with him to his house, and unpacked for him, he took out her gifts…. And whats your profession? Wahi jo tum kar rahey ho…. Angad explained to her that the Multinational Firm that had hired him as Advocate sanaan opening its 2nd office in Hyderabad and needed him there to oversee legal procedures and formalities!

Kripa nodded silently and went up to Angad’s room and knocked softly on the door. Kripa suddenly reached over to him: Shabbir was going home and he had seen Angad’s car still parked in the lot so he came over to enquire. All the guests clinked their glasses and sort from them. She sighed as her aged eyes clouded with memories of a romantic past.


She trembled with tingles in her spine…Please Angad, chhod do mujhey. When she had run into the bathroom, trembling, her body feverish with want, legs shaking…. Bollywood SongsLyricsBollywood movies. She hugged him closely again.

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There was no privacy, no mauka to get close to his pretty princess. Angad laughed at her comical fall: Angad let loose a string of curses and fixed his towel…. Actually, guys, I am splitting. Many of the guests shouted, thrilled with her sweet voice! Then she looked towards Angad and started singing: Kiss me, he whispered in her ears with breathless heat in his voice…. Kripa shifted uncomfortably in her tilm, her eyes downcast: She took out the hastily dumped clothes from his suitcase, folded each one neatly and packed them into the bag, then she went to his wardrobe, took out some matching ties with the suits he was taking, matching socks, a set jija-bunfh new hankies, underclothes.

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Do minute pyaar ki baatein toh kar lo” Kripa looked up at him, then blushed at the yearning in his eyes: Angad was grinning in surprised delight. She loved his gifts…. Jab hum ghar per na rahein toh Angad ko yahan aaney mat dena….

Kripa cares too much about what others think…. Aao tumhe pyaar karna sikhaa doon Shatranj Jungle mein mor naacha kisne dekha Shatranj Shatranj ki chaal hamaari Shatranj Tumhen main agar apna saathi banaa loon Shatranj. Her shy, loving jijx-bunch were reserved for him as she sang this song: She fed him the payesh and he ate happily with great relish. Kripa became normal with him again. Suddenly Shabbir got up onstage and announced: Kripa jumped up excitedly. Kripa, tumhey mujhsey zyada hamesha auron ki fikr rehti hai….


Ba couldn’t take his eyes off her, she looked so adorable and seductive in the white towel, baring one shoulder, her still-wet hair falling all around her face.

Rajeev ko pehali chudaye ke baad jab khumari tooti to usne dekha ke sunita uski chhati par haath pher rahi hei, iska matlab hei voh abhi aur chahati hei.

Kripa laughed hysterically when Mannan copied Angad’s mannerisms.

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Ab tu bhi aaja, aur Kripa ke liye kuchh suna de” Kyun Yaar, mujhey kyun ismein ghaseet raha hai? She kissed his lips: Haan haan, ab toh apney honay wali patni ke haathon se hi kheer khayega, ab tujhey hamari kya zaroorat?

Kripa looked down at her plate, feeling embarassed, guilty! Wedding per invite nahin karna hai kya? Raahi naye naye rasta naya naya Anand Ashram Saara pyaar tumhaara maine baandh liya hai aanchal mein Anand Ashram. She rubbed the soft wool against her cheeks, cuddling the samaqn as she would like to cuddle him in her arms and relieve his tiredness. Sab theek toh hai na?

Kripa looked shyly at Angad….

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