Languages Bahasa Indonesia Edit links. But, Angella was declared as the best of all the pressure test contestant, so the rest contestants, which are, Elly, Meliana and Geoffry were eliminated. For winning the last challenge, Christine gets to pick her teammate. Felix and Tali also advanced. Graham told the contestants that they may improve upon his dish if they deemed it necessary. The final six were surprised by being told that they would not have to cook anything this episode, and that instead the eight contestants eliminated prior Stacey, Josh, Tali, Tanya, Mike, Anna, Scott, and Ryan would return for a Mystery Box challenge, with the top two getting the opportunity to win back their place in the competition. Learn how and when to remove these template messages.

The medical examiner has ruled Marks’ death a suicide. Frank Mirando Elimination Test: Angella put William, Nino, Maichel and Kevin on that group. Views Read Edit View history. Felix Fang Bottom two: The first to be called was Denty. Program Talent Show [1].

Tanya Noble Elimination Test: Black Team 22 September Eliminated 29 September.

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The judges decided the two best dishes were Becky’s and Frank’s, making masteechef team captains for the next team challenge. Special Mystery Box Challenge: The Red Team won by sixteen votes. Police say the 7-foot-2 Marks allegedly “took the officer to the ground” when approached by police questioning him over visible injuries to his face according to DNAinfo Chicago.


MasterChef Junior Seasons 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Eliminated 1 June Second Eliminated 23 June Eliminated 11 August Second Eliminated 29 September. Eliminated 9 June Second Eliminated 23 June The judges advanced Monti and Christine.

Josh Marks Dead: ‘MasterChef’ Season 3 Runner-Up Committed Suicide: Cops (UPDATES)

My heart goes out to the family of MasterChef finalist Josh Marks, swason passed away today. Christine and Josh were given two hours to create a three-course menu of their choosing. Felix was also exempt from competing. Pressure Test 2 – The challenge is making a chicken pie demonstrated by Chef Marinka, and she is helped by Lius, the winner of previous challenge.

Josh Marks Dead: ‘MasterChef’ Season 3 Runner-Up Committed Suicide: Cops (UPDATES) | HuffPost

Rissa has the best cut, so she won the challenge, and she is the first contestant in Top The judges then announced that there would be a double elimination and eliminated Tanya. The contestants found a T-bone steak among other ingredients inside their mystery boxes. The next person to do the flambe is Ray, she succeed with the flambe, and had made the great taste on her dish too, so did Patty, and the final person, Maasterchef failed to make the flambe too.

After sampling, the judges only called the best 3 of saeson to taste their food. The best three dishes were Frank’s, Mike’s, and Becky’s.

Mastegchef discussion may be found on the talk page. He was then allowed to decide who would be cooking live crab and who would be using canned crab.


The cjef were demonstrated by the owner, Chef Arnold, after he had done demonstrated it, they all had dinner with Chef Marinka and Chef Degan. Retrieved from ” https: Eliminated 18 August Second Eliminated 1 September.

David had the best tortellinis.

MasterChef is an Indonesian competitive cooking reality show, open to amateur and home chefs based on the original British MasterChef. Before the judges tasted the food, the contestants must give the icing to that pie.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved June 12, Christine swapped Ryan in exchange for Becky. David Martinez and Frank Mirando Bottom three: Then the judges declared that Lilian and Patty were eliminated. The judges declared the women the winners based on overall feedback. Felix got to choose the subject for the first Elimination Test, the theme being the dishes that intimidate the judges the most. The second season aired through the week at 5.

Frank and Monti were then forced to switch teams.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. After inspection, the contestants were divided into three groups of twelve.

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