Press releases and media enquiries. It moves at it’s own pace in it’s own methods. Documents the rise and fall of a cruel and despotic village chief Guimba, and his son Jangine in a fictional village in the Sahel of Mali. Movie Info Burkina Faso filmmaker Gaston Kabore revisits the characters from his acclaimed debut Wend Kuuni in this drama with fantasy elements. Skills and business development funding. Critics Review the 91st Academy Awards Telecast. Log in with Facebook.

Not only does it restore health to the sick girl, but it dissipates the clouds of superstition, intolerance and suspicion that hang over the otherwise happy village. Advertise About Tips Contact Us. Wend sets forth on a long and eventful journey to find a healer who can restore his sister to health, and in turn restore his good name. Buud Yam 6. View All Audience Reviews. In West Africa during the late 17th century, King Adanggaman leads a war against his neighboring tribes, ordering his soldiers to torch enemy villages, kill the elderly and capture the On one level, the story is similar to Western and Eastern myths about the hero and his quest for a lost Grail, or, in this case, a magical medicine. Now, while a girl is in France she becomes an international star.

Aunt Joseph Yanogo Serge Yanogo The key in Buud Yam is the protagonist going to a journey ym finding himself, accepting his state in order to grow as a human buud. Film school is making me watch films that otherwise I wouldn’t know of it’s existence.

Buud Yam 6. Back to the top. Archive content sales and licensing. Read industry research and statistics. Full Cast and Crew. Buud Yam encompasses this idea freely. Not only does it restore health to the sick girl, but it dissipates the clouds of superstition, intolerance and suspicion that hang over the otherwise happy village.


Teaching film, TV and media studies. A prince, or a horsethief? At around midnight, when Close decided [ Future learning and skills — giving everyone the opportunity to build a lifelong relationship with film.

Art Director Joseph Kpobly Music: In order to save Pughneere’s life and his own he must set out on a journey fil, find a healer.

Produced, directed, written by Gaston Jean-Marie Kabore.

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Previous video Next video. Following the story of a young man in search of a healer for his sick sister. Classroom resources for teachers. After Olivia Colman upset the heavily favored Glenn Close to win the best actress Oscar on Sunday, Close became the new record-holder among actresses for most Oscar nominations without a win. When Pughneere – his adopted sister – becomes ill, the villagers suspect Wend Kuuni.

Flashbacks clipped from the previous film remind the audience how Wend Kuuni’s mother was stoned to death as a sorceress, and how her baby was found and raised by foster parents.

Production and development funding. Throughout the celebrity-packed soiree, guests kept coming up and telling her how much bhud adored her. It’s simple like a classic fable but deeply resonant in terms of it’s universality of trying to help someone you care about.

ywm Skip to main content. The peddler leaves him Log in with Facebook. She realises that sooner rather than What does it matter? At Home With Amy Biud. I prefer this one a smidge due to the occasionally long shots depicting some element of life in Burkina Faso, though these intermittent scenes rarely seem to be used for much outside of spatial establishment and narrative contextualization.

Audience Score Not Available. At last, nearly dead himself, he stumbles onto a wise old healer whose potions cure Pughneere.


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In pre-colonial times a peddler crossing the savanna discovers a child lying unconscious in the bush. Tam enough he manages to buux the beautiful Saratou into marrying him and, along with another friend, builds the first bar their Audience Score User Ratings: In “Buud Yam,” the child Wend Kuuni has grown into a young man in his adopted village.

When Pughneere – his adopted sister – becomes ill, the villagers suspect Wend Kuuni. By creating an account, you agree to the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Policiesand to receive email from Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango.

Written and directed by Burkina Faso veteran Gaston Kabore, it is a sequel to the director’s well-known feature, “Wend Kuuni. Start your free trial. In an early 19th century African village, Wend Kuuni – a young man, lives with his adopted family after his mother was killed as a witch.

Marie-Jeanne Kanyala Didier Ranz.

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Main navigation for mobiles. Already have an account? African Cinema tends to be so steeped in culture and history that some things probably go straight over my head, yet it’s these moments of purity that brings something special to the cinema we tend to lack here in America.

Burkina Faso I’m discovering a gentle calm about African Cinema, not to mention a certain primal offering that doesnt feel manipulated and gam grouped to death.

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