Absolutely amazing story, highly recommended! Soon Lyudmila and Makarov entered into a relationship. Once she was able to shoot twice at the same spot at a tank’s armored glass, enabling her captain to kill the driver. Also laughable are all the death scenes. The film was great and the entire feeling surrounding the film was great. The acting is all above average and the CGI is good in most parts.

A friendly shooting contest with her friends landed her the attention and recommendation of a Russian army rifle instructor. After watching the movie I said to myself, all of the crew who worked for this film has lived the scenario.. The war side is depicted well enough, even though there’s not much to see. Although it’s mostly in Russian with subtitles, I was drawn in deeply and remained so throughout the duration. This is one of modern Russian movies made for the lowest common denominator. Eleanor Roosevelt welcomes Lyudmila in the White House and the two women soon become close.

I’ve noticed someone thinks this one is better than Enemy at the Gates, but there were 3 points difference between them when rating, as a personal preference.

Very brave and resilient woman, based on a true story.

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War fades into the background… Soon, however, another misfortune befalls Lyudmila leaving the man she loves on the brink of death and herself seriously wounded.

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All Regions Average Customer Review: Accepted at Kiev State University inLyudmila was more eager to serve her nation on the front lines. Remember to turn on the subtitles, unless you speak Russian. You decide on your own.

Sevastoppl she recovers, Lyudmila insisted at Boris to sign her recommendation letter so she could rejoin the fight.

There’s a fair amount of action in the movie, however, so I don’t think that the kind of people who wouldn’t go for a biopic would come away disappointed or feeling mislead.

As a movie coming from one of the participants in WW2 and certainly not one with a clean sheet when it comes to war crimes, it is rather painful to see how the movie does not want to touch that aspect of the horrors on the Eastern Front nor does it reflect on how the Holodomor divided the Ukrainians when it came to choosing either the German or Soviet side.


Rudimentary dialogue, giving characters no psychological depth “If you do not want to fight for your country, you are a coward”. I was riveted by this movie and I don’t understand any Russian! Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. But otherwise, it has a strong emotional impact sometimes.

That simply did not happen at that time in history. The movie focuses on the in famous female Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko.

Probably the bulk bltva the scenes was shot in JohnVanBrunt 18 May At times, it doesn’t flinch from being brutally honest about the effects of war and the conduct of men and women, desperate to overcome their enemies. Instead the horror of war is pervasive and though she is a survivor her story is tragic. The direction, acting, cinematography are all top notch. I rnglish like to share with you my thoughts. Customers who bought this item also bought.

I have to tell you the Russian dubbing for English parts are annoying, they should make Russian subtitles instead of dubbing. The only odd thing I noticed was that there were many vocie overs.

Then war breaks out and it is discovered that she is a crack shot. Although it’s mostly in Russian with subtitles, I was drawn in deeply and remained so throughout the duration. The character relationship are also quite imbalanced. The producer was able to pull the Russia-Ukraine title all in one piece despite the events of in Kiev. I really enjoyed this movie it gives you an insight on the struggles engliah russia went through during the war to defend against the german onslaught i am also a big fan of russia itself and the people which is one of the reasons sevastool i found this movie to be enjoyable, great acting and action and top notch directing Like actors came from some provincial theater and try to portray dying in a most over-the-top dramatic way.


With a non-linear storytelling subbtitles, this film shows the beforemath, the moment and the aftermath of the fearsome superiority of Pavlichenko aka “Lady Death” who hunted regular soldiers and officers in a battlefield during World War II. Eleanor Roosevelt also remembers that Lyudmila was a fluent English speaker and that everyone never see the woman in her but instead the Lady Death which she was named.

Enemy at the Gates is the ultimate Russian war movie and still remains number one in that genre. Leaving aside any emotions, as being an action packed movie about a sniper, the tension of the movie falls short compared to, for instance, ‘Enemy At The Gates’. She was shot twice, blown up twice from motar attacks, and suffered many other deprivations of war.

To tell the truth it was the first time i heard that Russians had women snipers. There’s a great amount of action, provided with nice cinematography and some blood. A nice movie to watch, but still I insist! I think that it is quite a decent war movie, at par or better than “Enemy at the gates”.

They became a very effective unit, sniping out enemy officers, radiomen, heavy gunners, and of course enemy snipers.

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The fates of war mean that you must seize today what may be gone tomorrow and that is a theme that is more or less a constant throughout this.

The storyline goes on about a true WW2 Red Skbtitles female sniper with the highest confirmed hit list ever. The romance part seems lagging in places.

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