The Crustaceans summon the Hagfish of Gar, a monster who can put children under its control with its song as well as spew slime, and Nukus attempts to use it to brainwash all the children of Charterville including Drew, Jo, and Roland by sending them through an “Evil Archway”. The Magnavores torment the Hillhurst monsters with a machine that causes several misfortunes. The Curse of Mums’ Tomb. Aliens arrive at Hillhurst and disguise themselves as reporters to interview the monsters, who they mistake for humans. Beetleborgs Metallix Episode 5: A Friend in Need. Meanwhile, the terrible trio A team of teenagers with attitude are recruited to save Angel Grove from the evil witch, Rita Repulsa, and later, Lord Zedd, Emperor of all he sees, and their horde of monsters.

Hyde-like monster by a Magnavor chemical. Meanwhile, the Crustaceans set a trap for the Beetleborgs using Aqualung, a monster that can liquify, who is accompanied by Crustacean Jet Fighters. He refuses to destroy it because he was so handsome in the portrait, but the Beetleborgs have to do something before it’s too late. An invulnerable, somewhat dim, superhero protects The City from all manner of evil-doers. Iron Fist Crime, Action, Adventure. Beetleborgs Metallix Episode 2:

An anxious journalist seeks out the Beetleborgs’ secret identities – and finds them. Colony Drama, Action, Adventure. A Friend in Need. Flabber calls in the Beetleborgs to force him out. Their wish to become comic book heroes forces three kids to take meallix the heroes’ mortal enemies.

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Wolfgang appears in town, and the Magnavors try to bring him towards their side. While the kids try to persuade Art Fortunes to draw new armor, weapons, and powers for them, Nukus frees Fortunes’ twisted brother Les from jail and summons some of Les’ drawn monsters into the real world.


Baron Von Frankenbeans’ latest creation, a mutant plant, is sought by Mega-Nukus’ forces. Edit Did You Know? However since Rooth-less wasn’t brought to life by Nukus, it cannot be controlled, and if the monster isn’t brought back within 24 hours it would create a rift in the 2D world, sending all 2D creatures back, including the Crustaceans.

Warrior Drama, Crime, Action. Aliens arrive at Hillhurst and disguise episoode as reporters to interview the monsters, who they mistake for humans. Share this Rating Title: The Booger Man appears at Hillhurst to give the house monsters nightmares.

Frankenbeans escapes into town on Halloween night, then the monster Grenade Guy is ordered to kidnap him. Mums 45 episodes, The Metwllix Saga was the best, where they had to fight robots.

An author of children’s books visits Hillhurst for inspiration, until he himself is transformed into a monster. A Monster Is Born.

Arrow Crime, Action, Adventure. Say the Magic Word. Trip and Van learn that everyone knows they were too scared to go into the Hillhurst House, so they have a wrecking crew tear it down. Two bank robbers attempt to hide in Hillhurst, but Flabber gives them a taste of his own justice.

Power Rangers Wild Force — Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Killjoys Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure.


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On top of that, the Beetleborgs epsode also deal with a new monster, El Scorpio. Van and Trip hire two demolition guys to destroy Hillhurst, while the Magnavors send Jet Fighters to attack the Beetleborgs.

A 90’s Kid Television Guide. The Magnavors celebrate some classic Yuletime villainy by attempting to steal Christmas. Deadly Nightshade, a Transylvanian bounty hunter, comes to Hillhurst. Retrieved from ” https: To Foretell the Truth. Baron Von Frankenbeans visits Hillhurst and tries to “fix” Frankenbeans’ friend. The Magnavors want to sabotage a train station, so Vexor stages a beetleborgd to distract the Beetleborgs. After a huge lunch the monsters at Hillhurst fall asleep,but are rudely awakened by a raven,which announces the arrival of the famous writer Edgar Alan Poe.

The rock band Torpedo try practicing new tunes in Hillhurst, baad get an unexpected inspiration when the monsters mess with their instruments.

Big Bad Beetleborgs

The Ghost Is Toast. Views Read Edit View history. An invulnerable, somewhat dim, superhero protects The City beetlebors all manner of evil-doers. A phantom intends to kidnap Jo and make her his bride.

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