Surayya is scolding cook for adding more salt and taking more time to prepare food and fires him. Zain says he does not like chilli from childhood. Jodha Akbar 28th November Written Update Scene 1 In hall, everyone are waiting for jalal to start celebration, he comes in, all gets up Zain follows Aaliya in his car and thins whom she is going to meet secretly. Aaliya tries to say her clothes are wet, but Zain stops her and says Chandbibi that he will be down in 5 minutes. Summaiyya reminds him about an incident in childhood where Zain was troubled by a puppy, one day the puppy went away and never came back.

Shabana is preparing food. Shabana asks is this his reason to divorce Aaliya. Chand bibi is happy seeing the bride and asks other servants to bring sweets, etc. Net gets connected then. Nafisa says it looks like he is very happy marrying Aaliya. He says he speaks about her and gets happy. Usman says everybody is tired now and lets go and take rest.


She says she is fine. They ask her to tell them a story daily and become friends with Aaliya.

Shabana asks Aayath to wait for sometime until their financial situation normalizes. Welcome, Login to your account.

Zain speaks to Rizwan on phone. This nikah has become an embarrassment to him. I was a scapegoat reb the house, says Deepshikh Aayath agrees to come. Usman checks the food and does not find any pebbles in it. Zain shouts and says enough.


She says she will and goes. Will Tanveer kill Sanam?

Telly Written Updates: Beintehaa – 10th Feb Written update

She thinks she could have told him that she helped Fahad bhai. He then asks Rizwan to accompany him to his room to get his red shirt.

Shaziya sees her and gets happy. Zain asks about the bag which she took. He asks what kind of custom is this. Aaliya gets writtdn preparing kababs as Surayya prepares curry. Chandbibi praises Aaliya for convincing Zain to go to office.

He asks her to give the reason to Aaliya that abbu is not feeling well. Zain says Aaliya has ruined my life, I like to live my life my way and does not like anybody to episod.

She beinethaa it is none of his business. Shocking revelations and high volt Just then her father comes. She says she is smart. Her in-laws will take care of him as he used to take care of her.

Shabana is preparing food. Aayath says net is troubling and even yesterday it was not connecting. Last updated Feb 27, She gets happy to see the room decorated. Aayath and Shabana snatch the phone and speak to her.

wgitten She asks Aaliya to call Bhopal and inform them you got the parcel. Zain follows Aaliya in his car and thins whom she is going to meet secretly. Sahir’s ‘painful past’ to come to the fore – Humsa Jodha Akbar 28th October Written Update. Shabana scolds her for coming late. He asks to believe Allah. He says she is wasting the lovely moments and to identify her love and not to stop herself.


Zain asks who was he whom she gave the bag. Aaliya says everything is well and says she has to go now to serve tea to Usman. Durga tries to save Dev and Dev’s first hearing in He if she is thinking she is smart. Net gets connected then. Usman asks where is Aaliya. Usman asks him to do swimming and gymming. Find Us On Facebook. He sees in her eyes and then says go and live your life with your boyfriend, dont wait till days. Just then AAliya episodr, and Usman your lie is caught now.

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