She knows the responsible thing to do would be to go home, prepare for the life she knows she doesn’t want – but the idea of summer in Paris with Ansel, what girl could say no to that? Some of these books have A LOT of kissing. I thought the resolution to their conflict was a little rushed, but I was able to overlook it and didn’t think it damaged the story. I loved that she threw caution to the wind and followed her heart. Original within its genre. And by bored I mean the entire middle of the book was about Mia and Ansel having sex, and to be honest, I started to lose interest. But then, the relationship just turned

I read book 2, Dirty Rowdy Thing, first and then this one. Sweet, sexy and hilarious, it was a real winner in my book! But it seemed to stunt her personality somehow. It’s perhaps one of the smuttiest I’ve ever read, but it still somehow has room to develop the characters and a plot. Brief Summary of the Storyline: A real ‘seize the day’ kind of man who ‘falls a little bit in love with everything that he sees.

But if what she feels for me is even a fraction of what I feel for you, I want to be careful with her heart, because I can’t imagine what I would do if you left me. If it wasn’t for some of the things that came out in the beginning, I would’ve thought this was all they had going for them. I loved seeing Mia’s best friends and Ansel’s best friends together, they were really fun and seemed christona have a lot of personality. He is gorgeous and charming with hot body and there’s undeniable attraction between them.

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And what can I say Actually Ansel and Mia were very annoying. But not Ansel and Mia, they decide to stay married. We read about Ansel in his sexy suits, his jeans, his boxers, and oh have mercy in nothing at all. I really, really want a translation for the long statement he made when she first asked him to say something to her in French.


I would consider this book more erotica. I can’t actually put it down and people were giving me looks during my ride to school most times for giggling so hard. I have not desired a woman as much a you for a long time. She takes a chance.

Christina Lauren

You’ll Witness all the above I love a good weekend in Vegas story! I’m going to buy the audiobook too, I want to listen him speaking French Mia was shy and she has to deal with a lot of things I loved the Bastard series and I loved this one. Mia actually takes Ansel’s offer and follow him to Paris.

His accent, his thoughfulness, his easy going personality, and of course he’s gorgeous and charming in that very Parisian way. Besutiful think you are talking about chapter 5. Trivia About Sweet Filthy Boy I feel it too.

Mia and her friends go to Las Vegas. Along with fellow writer Nina Bocci, the pair created and ran a non-profit organization known as Fandom Reihefolge Back. Although I’m glad everything wasn’t roses and daisies, I do think the tone of the book did aand threw me off a little.

Some of these books have kissing. These two women never disappoints, ever! But I needed a happier end. So more like 4. That would be me who meets a guy who lives 3, miles away while in college and then flies across the country to spend the summer with him. lauden

Some of these books have A LOT of kissing. Plus the dirty french talk. And in just one night beauyiful get to know each other and everything changes. If you are a fan of the Beautiful Bastard series this book may be for you.


I know this is erotic romance story, but too many unnecessary sex scenes irritated me a lot. Ansel needs to go back to France for the summer and wants Mia to join him. When all those things bubble to the surface they beuatiful no longer able to live in denial.

Beautiful Bastard Series

Did this remind anyone else of the last two episodes of Sex in the City? View all 54 comments. I had major Carrie flashbacks. Roomies by Christina Lauren. Sweet Filthy Boy was a book that worked for me.

Beautiul that the reason he asked her to spend summer in Paris so as to redeem himself? What’s the Name o Then there was Ansel. I’m not sure what to rate this tbh.

Beautiful Bastard Series by Christina Lauren

Ugh, nothing makes me cringe worse than role playing. Mia is set to start business school in the fall, much to her dismay. Personally for me I can read a hundred of these books and be in reading bliss. If you are looking for a book that will make you laugh, make you grin, make you feel good and has that sweet and sexy romance vibe with some fabulously lovable characters, check this one out! I knew what was going to happen before it actually happened.

I wanted to cry. Also, I don’t really consider it instalove because the characters struggled throughout the entire book to connect with each other and tried to take the time to get to know each other. It was reckless and dangerous. Mia is hesitant, but can’t beautful that there is amazing chemistry with her new husband.

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