Alternatively, maybe the diversity of the production crew prevented the film from having a clear identity. You have to be very patient and watch the entire length of movie to understand her indispensable assets that are uniquely of her own due to the fact that her incredible beauty comes out to afore from her soul. So The Darkness meets prototype meets spooder man, count me in!!! Every character is uninteresting. Once you discover her inner beauty it is very hard for anyone regardless of gender or age not to love her. Zimmer – The Global Workplace: You said that because u just didn’t understand what love really is.

That was the truth. As a romantic film, with its beautiful landscapes, camera moves, photography, this would be a perfect start to an evening. I think the movie is used as a tool to make more and more people to accept lesbian love. Surely one will know that “it was that way at that time in that country” but still, the culture aspect will make one with experience or understanding about China less depress than one who don’t. But I have to admit I’m not convinced at all. In the end the women were re-united in a way I didn’t expect.

The professor is rigid like a dictator and the young man is If it has slanted eyes it’s all the same, no? Set the story in the remote areas and create a false sense of exotic. The love affair was shown in a gentle yet effective manner. With “Balzac and the little seamstress” Dai Sijie delivered a nice period piece with some interesting reflections on the importance of literature, moving images and theatre.

Apparently, women are not permitted on the base so Min Li, as Dan’s wife, would reside at Mr.


What is the different of this film with an erotic film? Throughout my life, I have never seen a such an exceptionally perfect mixture of both Eastern and Western worlds in any one person to this date.

The success there was in this area was wasted on the problems itemized below. The film tries to be erotic, but somehow fails.

Cinéma – Films français avec sous-titres

Even here, we have to subtract the fact that the movie was obviously not filmed in China and did not do a good job of pretending to be in China. I do feel like the guy seems out of place but his built does match.

The bad parts of the film were; 1 Almost no character development. Whenever two lovers were together, i always saw a perfect “chemistry” between them and that really made me feel good.

Cinéma – Films français avec sous-titres – Campus FLE Education

Japan has a long history of parthenocratie blossomed amongst highly privileged members worked in the talleuse in ancient imperial capital ‘Kyoto’ from the Hei An Era meaning Periode for “peace and tranquility” It still continues to be an elegant and definitely most popular and lenient city for female couples. Even the heroines in the movie do have some impulsive emotion to each other,they probably could never find what is that.

However, even though some scene can be more than cruel or brutal and makes your heart jump, it’s strangely up-lifting in the kindest way. While on the island where they do their research, Li Min falls in love with the botanist’s daughter. tialleuse

Les Filles du botaniste

Dan came off as a brute for abusing his new wife on their honeymoon. That’s why I gave it 7 points.


He was upset to find his wife wasn’t a virgin – which maybe is justified in that culture, I don’t know. Chinese people always do mind their own business. Things don’t work out as planned after Mr Chen finds the women together. And a beautiful one too. Though the story, at first, sounded too simple, I must admit the actors and director did a wonderful job.

Seriously, go back to that first teaser and you’ll see all the missing CGI moments. It’s a hauntingly beautiful story too but very sad and heart breaking with a sudden shocking and apathetic ending for those understands that how much the relationship meant to Li Min, The Conservative vhinoise was so unforgiving to them in such a way that the Chinese society could not offer a space for them to survive.

The two girls fall in love with no apparent reasons. Its visual is absolutely stunning and full of desire. I think the same could be said of these Filles. Once they hear about that one of their neighbours is a gay,they would be panicked and amazingly astonished.

It actually makes me want to go see it even more now! Mr Chen was self-absorbed and unaware of the women fooling around until the honeymoon began. I’m sorry, the animation makes me giggle.

That said, here’s my review.

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