Later, Reeti decides to talk to her father about Vibhor and his family’s predicament. Please login to access the content. Will this saree that has been chosen by both the parties be the cause of dispute between them? On reaching the room, he realizes that his phone’s battery has gone dead and he starts to get nervous, but luckily he manages to speak to his parents. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Will Vibhor’s family find out about what he had tried to do for the family? However the ‘puja’ is carried forward after the families calm down.

But they all listen to the guests speaking to each other, as they sense something wrong going on and Vibhor’s grandmother intervenes to settle the situation. Rajeev’s family on the other hand decide to do the ‘roka’ for Reeti but at the last moment, Reeti’s father Sitaram stops his daughter and decides to cancel this marriage. But his family however want him to get married as they feel that it will serve the purpose of getting Vibhor more mature. Keep watching to know what happens next. Just then, Vibhor walks towards the store but luckily the two of them do not notice each other. Reeti and Vibhor exchange rings and take the blessings of the elders and soon the engagement comes to an end. Later, news spreads that a proposal has arrived for Reeti and this excites Reeti’s parents.

Meanwhile, the stage is set for Reeti’s marriage to begin and she is taken by surprise when she sees Vibhor and his entire family at the venue. But in return, Sitaram asks them to consider their daughter’s hand in marriage with Vibhor.

He calls him outside and accuses him of bdii like a dual-faced person. Just then, Bilasi reaches the scene and starts to insult Sitaram.

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Please login to access the content. Reeti is in tears but at the same time is pleased with Vibhor’s behaviour and kind heartedness.

As the time comes closer eevrani the families to leave for Macau, Vibhor’s plans of going to Macau come to danger as one of the children in the house fall sick.

Vibhor and Rajeev spend their time in Macau together and Vibhor learns about what Rajeev is expecting from the girl he will marry. He calls him outside and accuses him of behaving like a dual-faced person.


Vibhor reaches fevrani shop and tries to engage in some work and keeps aside all the distractions. Vibhor finds the bracelet and the two of them interact with each other. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. What scene will be created when the two families come face to face during the function? Meanwhile, Manbhari Mausi is praying for a miracle to take place so that their business can be saved. She also adds that she cannot listen to her father being insulted and Vibhor is left alone at the ATM feeling embarrassed and guilty.

Badii Devrani (Hindi) – 4 Nov, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 in | (Drama)

Reeti feels upset when she learns that Vibhor is not Rajeev, the person she was supposed to meet in Macau for their probable marriage in the future. What exactly is the reason behind the two family’s enmity towards each other? Reeti feels upset when she learns that Vibhor is not Bafii, the person she was supposed to meet in Macau for their probable marriage in the future.

Meanwhile, Reeti’s parents meet her and are wondering what Rajeev has got to say about her, just then they see Vibhor and decide to find out about Rajeev’s opinion from him. Reeti’s younger sister is not happy with her father’s behaviour but Reeti decides to lay her complete trust in her father and agrees to reach the airport to leave for Jaipur.

Badi Devrani Full Episode 167 – 16th November 2015

Home Shows Badii Devrani Episode Later, Vibhor takes it upon himself to explain to Reeti’s parents that Rajeev is not a suitable match for Reeti. Just then, Moksh enters the room and insists on joining Reeti and she is forced to take him along. Existing Premium Users, Click here to login. Will Bilasi prove to be a hindrance in Reeti’s marriage to Vibhor? Later, the family goes shopping and Vibhor’s relative chooses a saree that has already been chosen by Reeti. Vibhor on the other hand is a carefree, free spirited, young lad wanting to cherish the wonders of life.

Later, Reeti and Divya are waiting anxiously for their father to return and their wait comes to an end when their father arrives, this time with many workers ready to decorate the house. Meanwhile, Sitaram is furious with his younger daughter for clicking the photograph that has only led to further differences between the two families.


Rajeev on the other hand meets his parents who only seem to be greedy for Reeti’s wealth and Rajeev too, whose aim is to build a hospital, seems happy learning of how wealthy Reeti is. He later sees Vibhor and Reeti laughing and talking to each other and gets furious.

Badii Devrani – Episodes Later, a relative tries to create differences between Prabha and Kaushalya but the two of them remain united as always. Will matters start to solve between Reeti and Vibhor? What is the reason behind Vibhor and his family’s entry into the marriage venue? While Vibhor is in the car he tries to have a look at the girl whose blue coloured ‘dupatta’ seems to have attracted him.

Meanwhile in Macau, Vibhor sees Reeti laughing with all her friends and assumes that she is mocking him. Vibhor agrees to attend the wedding only if his grandfather agrees to let him do so. Rajeev’s family on the other hand decide to do the ‘roka’ for Reeti but at the last moment, Reeti’s father Sitaram stops his daughter and decides to cancel this marriage. Find out here and know more.

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Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Will Vibhor escape from the scene of the marriage or will he agree for the marriage? Dverani is well educated with a progressive mindset and modern outlook towards life.

That night, both Vibhor drvrani Reeti spend sleepless night thinking of each other. Meanwhile, Biyani insults his father and Ghanshyam and accuses them of bringing shame to the entire family but the real reason for this shame is not divulged. Meanwhile, Divya finds out that Vibhor’s family has gifted Reeti expired products and she gets upset.

At the same time, Reeti is confused learning that Ghanshyam has rejected her marriage proposal. Reeti is relieved and baii to shed tears.

At the same time, Reeti’s younger sister is trying to contact her but fails.

Vibhor gets furious and decides to have a talk with Sitaram and his family, but his grandfather stops him.

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