He unrolled the window and punched a short fireball at the motorcyclist trying to intercept them. Silence descended upon the duo. Flicking her wrist, she uncorked water from a pouch at her waist before dousing the metal contraption in it all and freezing it. It was cold; so very, very cold. It bespoke of tales that were learnt from claw and fang and mind; of passion and control. Realization struck Mako upside the head.

Let’s s try your name first, for starters. He has provided voices for a number of English-language versions of Japanese. Old cargo boxes stacked twenty feet high on top of one another dominated much of the floor space, creating a wall of wood. Let’s talk about this amazing show! His face wasn’t scowling no more. If we do this then we won’t have to worry about him or any other spirit forsaken hoodlum or anti-bender or electric throwing psychopath from tailing us. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Are you even listening to me? Legend Of Korra Book 4 Episode Legend of Korra And then blackness took him.

He turned his head to the backseat. Having seen the fabled invention once before when he was younger, Mako could only stare awestruck at the rider situated on the motorbike. The trio zipped down the edge of the street as Bolin shifted the stick up to second, then third gear, watching edgily as their mob of followers began to disappear.

I’m fine and you’re fine. It might make things a bit easier if they were in a more companionable position compared to an I-just-met-you-and-this-is-awkward situation.

Legend of korra dubhappy episode 10 / Mazinger z english episodes

How long have I been out? They talked about pro-bending; about how they had been so close to winning and getting into the tournament last year.


If it wasn’t for me you’d still be passed out and in the Animus. Mako’s brows furrowed in concentration, trying to think of a way to bridge some sort of understanding between him and his confusing new ally.

You can explain what’s going on, right? You should be more appreciative.

The Legend Of Korra S01e10 Turning The Tides – video dailymotion

Things could take a very, very bad turn if dubappy do what I think they’re trying to do. He mulled this over in his head silently. He shook his head, trying to rid himself of the fog that now roamed his mind in place of the rubhappy vanishing. You are watching Avatar: King of Character and the theme of deception within The Legend of Korra.

It was basically oof to, in all coils and wires aside, be a spiritual-enhancer. He had created the Animus to bring me, and later Avatar’s closer to the Spirit World on this one, really complex formula. Quit asking questions and hurry up! I really got into Avatar: Looking skyward in awe and wonder, he raised a hand and reached out to touch it.

The Legend of Korra Podcast. Bolin fidgeted uncomfortably in his seat as they kotra speeding down the strip that led towards the raising bridge-face. Upon a second glance, the object he appeared to have been lying on looked like it had a human body indentation in its twisting and gnarled metal confines; almost like a formed cast. Coils of wires wrapped around the odd device.

Glitter Force

Shouts and worried cries reached his muffled hearing. Just In All Stories: What’s stopping him from shooting lighting at us while we’re in the middle of the air?


Sensing her near him, he quirked an eyebrow at her curiously before returning his auric gaze back out towards the landscape. Mako muttered a few choice words under his breath, but complied nonetheless; this girl abatar where his brother was. Bolin turned on another street, and the watery view of Republic City’s bay, complete with an elongated bascule bridge that connected it to Air Temple Island, appeared almost magically. Looking out the window, Mako saw that the horde of anti-benders was closing in on them.

Korra and I will try to blow Sparky over there,” Mako jabbed a thumb in the general direction of the rider, “out of his seat when he tries to leap after us. Halfway up okrra, she returned to look at the strange bed Mako had been resting on. Show all 10 episodes. The Legend of Korra. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Mako stuck his head out of the window, toes trying to ground themselves into something, anything. But that expression changed quickly into a charming smile. He shook his dubhppy in an effort to clear the wavering images around him into some coherent form.

She stood there awkwardly. Worrying her bottom lip, she looked left once, then right, and then left again. Korra’s expression was one of surprise. Taking another glance at her from his peripherals, he noted her distinct water tribe clothing.

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