A few hours later Autumn is surrounded by her family as she gives birth to her first child, a baby boy named Drake LeSeuer 7lbs 5oz! Everyone in this episode just looked dirty and gross. It would explain his nonchalant attitude. The episode’s focus, before and after the birth, is on Robinson’s family blaming Cook for Robinson’s decision to stay in Huntsville for their baby, losing his scholarship as a result. While the couple became engaged after Molli’s birth, they ended their relationship in It keeps telling me they are waiting for moderation.. Glad I wasn’t the only Permalink Submitted by snow covered re

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After the birth, the episode focuses on Abraham’s struggles due to being housebound without a car and her difficult relationship with her mother. Why is both she and Dustins last name Oxley now? And that he’s allowed to freely smoke in her house How confusing and heartbreaking for her son too. Even though Autumn is still a month out from her due date, she has started having contractions more and more frequently.

An look at everything that’s happened since the cameras stopped rolling crithendon the girls from the previous season of 16 and Pregnant. Escovedo and Carter had separated bywith Escovedo being awarded primary physical custody of their daughter Kylee. I see this one for sure, so it’s probably just lag time.


UGH this episode made me scream. Check back daily for the latest news, reviews, recaps, and opinions.

’16 & Pregnant’: Autumn & Dustin Have A Baby, Then Break Up — Episode Recap – Hollywood Life

Take care of Your own! See the First Pics”. Get Details of the Court Ruling”. Retrieved 17 November She and her youngins are so well-versed in the English language and grammar!

Was Autumn Crittendon’s 16 and Pregnant Episode Too Graphic?

As ofMcKay was in a relationship with a man named David Lomax. Farrah was more than happy to leave Sophia with Debra and Michael to go out to parties and go on dates with random dudes. I really thought I wouldn’t like this girl, but I did in the end. Sometimes it’s not explained well.

Autumn Crittendon – The Ashley’s Reality Roundup

That’s crazy to me! Ooh good point, I didn’t even think of it that way! Durham now works as a Dental Assistant. InRandall married Eric Lee Harrington, who is in presently in jail serving 25 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

I live in hampton roads, Richmond is like an hour and a half away. He is quite the Mr. I had back labor which is about 10x more painful than regular labor with the first because she was face up instead of down so her head wasn’t putting pressure on my cervix. I’ve lived in the South my entire life and I don’t own anything with camouflage on it whatsoever.


He was just a loser that couldn’t put them on right.

Ryan Edwards Admits Heroin Use”. Prior to the birth, the episode focuses on Edwards’ indifference to the forthcoming baby and his relationship with Bookout. Here in the UK men generally only get circumcised later in life for medical reasons. I really liked autumn in her episode. I thought these two were just stupid.

Crittenson wears camo even when we arent hunting we wear camo lol.

Former “16 & Pregnant” Star Autumn Crittendon Marries in Surprise Ceremony

It’s in Tetanusy Foreskin Land forevermore. Not at all surprised to hear of Irish twins coming from that magical uterus.

I’m familiar with this new form of vandalism sweeping the country. Archived from the original on September 17, I don’t do the camo thing, or the outdoorsy thing for that matter. The poors really outdid themselves this time.

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