I was pretty dissapointed because Rin was just so easy to beat Amaimon. I enjoyed that Konekomaru and Rin made up in the end. Squeezing through his new creation, he clawed his way up Mephisto’s desk and decided to take a brief snooze on his mini-sized bed read: If this ended up in a cliffhanger I would’ve killed a person. Rin was distracting it enough that they had a chance. I haven’t read the manga and never been a filler complainer but I have to admit I dislike the pacing as well.

I find 2nd OP so much more suited to Rin then 1st OP though both are epic hardcore got both on my ipod. Hamster hell sounds scary. Maybe Rin got the powers and with Yukio, it’s more like a flesh-eating demon-disease. I am glad that people are more sensible though. I hope something good is in store. Or, rather, is he coming into his own power? Omfg I hate when this shit happens in anime.

Am I the only one who noticed he ran off to the bathroom right before Rin was attacked? Is it just me or has the art quality gone down this ep? That misterious lab who appear in last episode?

It does if you think about it. And they better not be Prada, or Fendi, or Armani, or even Gucci. Mephisto has several of them.

Sure i was quite dissapointed by episode 16 and 17 because it didn’t follow the manga. I for one like Neko At this point its pretty obvious that the anime is going in a different direction than the Manga.

Filler on the other hand is original material that serves absolutely no point to the plot, and is usually “forgotten” peisode or can even contradict future or past revelations Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa.


What they mean is that Rin has nothing to fear within him.

I dont’ know how will this end I guess they wanted us bamster feel the fear and power of the son of Satan. Cookie doesn’t own Ao No Exorcist or the characters. The next episode looks interesting A large boot made a very loud thud on the cherry wood of the desk, startling Hamaimon a bit, “These were my favorite boots.

Also, these Japanese ads are fascinating. This is going to be a filler arc to give the manga time to get ahead. He didn’t actually want episkde be Hercules for his own sake. I enjoyed that Konekomaru and Rin made up in the end. Konekomaru isn’t scared to death by Rin anymore! But this episode was different.

Bad Hamster, a blue exorcist/青の祓魔師 fanfic | FanFiction

Ao no Exorcist Episode 18 Disc And also Jamster think you can’t consider the episodes now as a filler. What a little bitch. So is Yukio going demon or something? But frankly, now it was just getting annoying. But I do in fact like the manga version better.

A decent episode and like always the fight scene is too short. I’m not sayin the anime is ruined XD I still episoee the show! You really deserved that punch, because you’re a fucking moron!

Why does Amaimon turn into a hamster?

Anyway, need to read the manga soon. The story goes a little bit like this Assuming it gets renewed for a second season.

This episode was very cliche but I liked it. Goddammit Rin, why didn’t you tell everyone that Konekomaru was possessed?!

Mephisto looked into the human eyes of his brother and scoffed, “So you can still turn into your amaimno form. But I still don’t understand how this anime stands out from all the other shounen anime out there.


mephisto pheles GIFs

The problem last week was people were starting to condemn the anime purely because the changes I don’t care about manga loyalty. He easily beat Amaimon later at the court, so why should some random demon, strong or not, pose much trouble? So like this Gale demon was said to be very strong, even that snake sword girl approved of that yet we get a Okimura OHKO him without it putting a fight at all.

Wish they would animate the Impure King arc but seeing how its not finished yet I dont see it happening. Changed material is anime original material, but it does further the plot.

Oh my I want Hamaimon.

Some of these scenes are looking a bit like Naruto-quality haha. Careless missunderstanding comical or non-comical are overused writers tactic simply to avoid being creative writers block cure? Will Bon, Shiemi and the others trust again in Rin? Glasses kid is such a weak character. You flithy Akuma, i’ll chop your head off! Maybe they’re making it stray completely off the manga, like FMA, first show. Both things negate each other.

No clue how they are going to transition into the impure king arc though.

Noooo, such a good show, why use forced drama now? Not to mention hmster showed what I thought was a burn from Rin last episode.

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