After a few months of spending ten hours a day digging fucking graves outdoors in the fucking freezing recesses of rural Russia, shit only got worse for Alexander when one of his psycho ex-girlfriends accused him of sexually assaulting her. It was never known if he truly felt pangs of guilt and was sincere in his repentance. He was rushed through trial, convicted on some highly circumstantial evidence the woman allegedly even recanted her story at one point , and was sentenced to eight months in prison. Alexander Solonik, photo appeared on Russian television, soon after the news about his death surfaced. There was another time that he tried to blackmail one of the most powerful mob bosses in all of Russia, and of course the guy told Solonik to get bent. He never disclosed who paid him, and the contracts he took allegedly cost his employers thousands of dollars per hit. He and his girlfriend, a former Miss Russia winner named Svetlana Kotova, had retired to a charmed life. But while “unsolved” is a word you associate almost automatically with contract killings in Russia, occasionally a killer is caught.

He was arrested in the cosmetic salon and spent two years in jail. Apparently, Solonik was unable to extort money from Kvantrishvili, and several weeks later murdered him in revenge. It doesn’t surprise me that crime flourishes in such a state. He and his girlfriend, a former Miss Russia winner named Svetlana Kotova, had retired to a charmed life. E-mail this to a friend. This website uses cookies.

The death of much-loved TV anchorman Vlad Listyev the previous year had already established that fame was no protection from the hired guns.

InSolonik assassinated Russian thief in law Viktor Nikiforov, and six months later he murdered another important Russian Mob boss. Aleksandr Solonik Alexander Solonik wanted to become a police officer and clean up solohik mean streets of Moscow like a Cold War-era Soviet re-make of Dirty Harrymaking mob bosses his bitch and asking various punks whether or not they felt lucky just before inserting a large-caliber bullet wound directly alexahder their foreheads.

His main targets were rival criminal gang members who he mostly shot in cold blood and also some from a distance. Limping Max his limp was due to injuries sustained in a car crash not only extorted money from businessmen and murdered laexander rivals, but he also allegedly organized a number of terrorist attacks in Moscow.

Fingerprints identified him as Alexander Solonik. He found something romantic about it. He allegedly had a man on the inside this time, and the two of them used grappling hooks and ropes to exit the building in the middle of the night and make their way to a waiting BMW.

The famous hitman, however, failed to notice that his mansion was wiretapped by his enemies. He almost lived safely in secrecy, until the hitman became the target. He removed a mole on his face and went to have a tattoo on his hand removed as well. Aware that one of the most murderous hitmen was out to get them, Russian crime bosses decided to strike first, and they sent another notorious killer, Sasha Soldat, to hunt down Makedonsky and eliminate him.


After a few months of spending ten hours a day digging fucking graves outdoors in the fucking freezing recesses of rural Russia, shit only got worse for Alexander when one of his psycho ex-girlfriends accused him of sexually assaulting her.

Befriending a group of local workers Soldat then went for lunch with them to a place frequented by his next victim. When Ms Politkovskaya was shot at her home, there did not appear to be any attempt at robbery and the presumed weapon, a Makarov alexqnder, was left at the scene together with its used cartridges.

Alexander Solonik, The Russian Hitman Known As “The Superkiller”

A wave of contract killings washed through Russia in the s, sweeping away new bankers and businessmen. Soon after returning to Kurgan he married, and his wife gave birth to a daughter, but they eventually divorced. Apexander “For those who survived the ’90s”, it struck a popular chord, capturing a grotesque world of casual killers, rapacious New Russians and cowed police.

A graduate of music school and a former worker at a space industry factory in Moscow, the young Sasha Soldat Alexander Pustovalov was drafted into the army and assigned to the eolonik marine corps.

While in prison, he supposedly defended himself against a dozen well-built prisoners in a free-for-all fight. Despite the fact that he was completely sloonik surrounded by cops and Spetsnaz and shit, Solonik managed to make it all the way to goddamned Siberia before he was finally apprehended. According to rumour, Solonik took on as many as 12 inmates at a time, earning the respect of his fellow prisoners. The fact that his exploits inspired two films, nine TV series, and three books, as well as many documentaries, is itself telling.

Russian Greek false citizenship. Despite being a hardcore, Zolonik Winnfield -style badass assassin badassin? The body of his girlfriend, Svetlana, was dismembered. In the West things are more subtle, so it’s not obvious who the killers are. Another time, this qlexander criminal mastermind was snorting a bunch of coke off of some strippers in the back room of his high-end posh Moscow nightclub, surrounded by an escort of ex-Spestnaz gunmen, when all of a sudden the door was violently kicked in.

He had his face altered by reconstructive plastic surgery, recruited a crew of over fifty gangsters to work for him, made millions of dollars, and had all the houses, cars, and women he wanted including a tryst with Miss Russia herself.

Alexander Solonik: The Cold-Blooded Russian Hitman Known As “The Superkiller”

Some sources say he never planned his hits in detail, but instead relied on intuition. Returning home to his native Kurgan, he took a job as a gravedigger. Found guilty of rape, Makedonsky jumped out of the courtroom window and escaped in a hearse waiting for him outside.


Not surprisingly, Fulm was already friendly with the visiting killer, and happily greeted him when the latter showed up at his residence in Athens with a few friends. By the gilm years of this century – with Vladimir Putin in power – the wave seemed to be receding. Low graphics Accessibility help. Eventually he was overpowered and surrendered, being sent to Moscow prison Matrosskaya Tishina and underwent an operation to remove the bullet in his kidney. Click sklonik to find out more.

If using solonk of Russia Beyond’s content, partly or in full, always provide an active hyperlink to the original material. Apparently, while at the academy Solonik was pulling all kinds of wacky, borderline-psychotic pranks on the chief like he was Steve Gutenberg or Officer Moses Hightower, because just a few months into his tenure he was unceremoniously discharged for reasons which were never declassified.

BBC NEWS | Europe | The hitmen who stalk Russia

The former military man was dismissed from police school after six months due fiilm his cruelty towards prisoners. The guerilla plant How the world’s oldest clove tree defied an empire. Subscribe to our newsletter! Born inMakedonsky received his first training in the Soviet Army in the late s, solonkk in a tank division. Sept – first deputy chairman of Russia’s central bank Andrei Kozlov shot dead in Moscow. Russia’s current tide of violent crime is overt.

Alexander Viktorovich Solonik Russian: If this was a contract killing, identifying the perpetrator – and those behind him – will be difficult.

Alexander Solonik

Another memory for me is descending an empty escalator in a metro station aalexander Red Square one night and seeing one “wide boy” slapping another on his knees as he held a pistol to his head. The police brought Solonik to the station to say his farewells, and soon as he had a moment alone with his wife he busted through a plate-glass window on the second story of the fucking police station, hit the ground in a perfect commando roll, and escaped into a nearby forest.

Get the week’s best stories straight to your inbox. From Wikipedia, the free aelxander. The pair killed two security guards, and Solonik ran even though he had been shot in the kidney. Dart, The Netherlands Russia appears to be evolving like America did in the roaring twenties with the gangsters. Eventually, the law caught up with Alexander Solonik, and he was arrested by several officers soloni, the streets of Moscow one morning.

Russian film director Alexei Balabanov’s black comedy Zhmurki Blind Man’s Buffabout hitmen, begins in a morgue where some fresh corpses are soon added to the display. William DeLong is a freelance wordsmith.

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